The browning of Martha's Vineyard

Welcome to the party pal!

John McClain (Bruce Willis), Die Hard

Ron DeSantis has exposed the transparent "liberal" hypocrisy of "liberals" by sending only 50 illegal aliens (Venezuelans) to the wealthy overwhelmingly white liberal enclave in Martha's Vineyard, where the Obamas bought their 11.75-million-dollar, 30-acre waterfront estate.  

Lisa Belcastro, who coordinates the local homeless shelter, is in a panic: "they have to move from here to somewhere else.  We cannot — we don't have the services to take care of 50 immigrants. ... We certainly don't have housing. ... for 50 more people."

Of course, that's just not true.  Martha's Vineyard is home to approximately 17,000 year-round residents.  That increases to nearly 200,000 during the summer vacation season.  There are countless Airbnb rentals now available as the summer crowds depart, and for migrant stays, the federal government is picking up the tab.  They can manage almost 200,000 residents during the summer, but they cannot tolerate 50 indigent Venezuelans now? 

Sure sounds like racism!  That is precisely what liberals would say if some conservative town said that a tiny group of 50 Venezuelans had to go somewhere else.

Astonishingly, the inclusive Martha's Vineyard brought in the National Guard to deport them immediately!  They are already gone!  Martha's Vineyard could not wait to get rid of these poor people even though, just yesterday, they gathered to "welcome" them.

Martha's Vineyard's demographics are not, from a liberal perspective, impressive.  According to the 2010 census, African-Americans numbered less than 4% of the population, compared with about 13.4 % of the U.S. population at that time.  Non-white residents made up 14% of the island in 2010, compared with about 30% in the entire nation at that time.  Frankly, Martha's Vineyard is not very inclusive, and it needs to change. 

With regard to Belcastro's claim that they don't have the housing available, here is a news flash.  They have to build some fast.  Other communities around the nation are forced by Biden's irresponsible open border policies to solve these problems for tens of thousands of new illegals overnight.  To catch up, wealthy white liberal Martha's Vineyard is just going to have to accept a massive influx of new aliens from south of the border and around the world.

Comically, Chuck Todd (Meet the Press), who, apparently, knows who signs his paycheck, claims that it is "inhumane" to send migrants to Martha's Vineyard because it "doesn't have any infrastructure."  This is just false because it has plenty of infrastructure already in place because of its major tourist industry, now almost over for the year.  Further, many communities in other parts of the country have been flooded with thousands of illegal aliens, and Todd never woke up long enough to call that "inhumane."

Whoopi Goldberg, of The View, predictably, had some typically confused comments.

I remember the big tall green lady ... [who] said, 'Send me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free,' ... I thought that was part of what we did here in the United States. We welcomed people, invited people who were ... getting abused in the countries they lived in. I thought we asked people to come here.

It is not clear what point Whoopi is making.  Martha's Vineyard voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden, and now they get to welcome some of the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free. 

By contrast, Texas, which is not a sanctuary destination, is overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of these illegal aliens and literally cannot take care of all of them.  One would have thought that inclusive liberals of Martha's Vineyard would have been thrilled to accept many hundreds of the tired, poor, huddled masses of Venezuelans yearning to be free.

Whoopi also complains that DeSantis's great-great-grandmother arrived at Ellis Island in 1917 from Italy: "She also could not read or write, but no one gave her permission to come.  She came, and we took her in." 

In the first place, that is an ad hominem fallacy, and if Whoopi does not know what that is, she can find someone who finished high school to explain it to her.  Second, her analogy is poor because DeSantis's grandmother entered the U.S. legally.  Liberals never seem to grasp that point.  Finally, Whoopi complains that "these are real life people, with children and older people. ... But if you're going to be a bonehead, who wants to play with you? ... I don't understand why you got to be nasty about it." 

Whoopi is correct that these are real people, and they should not be abused, but it is not abusive to send them to one of the nicest places, and a "sanctuary destination" to boot, in the country, not after they've crawled through miles of snake- and insect-infested mud in the Darien Gap and seen two thirds of their human-smuggling group literally die in passage, according to this report on CNN.  It is not nasty to give people what they want.  What is nasty is secretly flying them to cities around the country like Biden does to places that are not sanctuary destinations. 

Second, Whoopi may think she is still playing in the sandbox, but the hundreds of migrant deaths just this year at the U.S. border crossing with Mexico — not just the Darien Gap — have nothing to do with "playing."  The United Nations has declared the U.S.-Mexico border "the world's deadliest."  The massive amounts of fentanyl and the dozens of terrorists coming across the border due to Biden's irresponsible policies also have nothing to do with "playing."  If Whoopi is worried about "real live people," she should talk to her president about playing with people's lives.

The real reason Belcastro, Todd, Whoopi and other pampered liberals are distressed is that Martha's Vineyard is a rich, predominately white, safe, clean, quaint predictable liberal enclave, and most of the residents, despite the virtue-signaling, want to keep it that way.  However, the residents of Martha's Vineyard are, to borrow the words of their most famous resident, going to have to "do their fair share" (accept their fair share of illegal aliens invited into the country by their beloved president).  As the "spiritual mentor" of that most famous resident once put it, "the chickens are coming home to roost." 

Similarly, it is only fair that many of these illegal aliens will have to be sent to Whoopi's multiple mansions around the country — for example, her "stunning mansion" in the gated (that would be a wall) community in Llewellyn Park, N.J.  Chuck Todd will need to tell us how many Venezuelans he will be inviting into his wealthy community as well.  

The United States, according to Martha's Vineyard's president, is undergoing an "incredible transition."  Martha's Vineyard is going to have to undergo that same joyous transition, which means its residents will need to accept a plethora of new residents from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Ghana, Somalia, etc., and all of these people are going to need housing, food, heath care, dental care, entertainment, and education.  The old racist white Martha's Vineyard will soon, thankfully, be gone.  Instead of whining, the pampered residents of Martha's Vineyard should thank DeSantis for making them, for once, live up to their principles.  DeSantis's real sin, resulting in hysteria by what passes for our "news" media, is that he has exposed hypocritical liberals for the comical frauds most are.

It's not going to be the same Martha's Vineyard in a few short years, but it's going to be great.  The residents of Martha's Vineyard are soon going to be getting a long overdue education, and many conservatives can hardly wait to watch.

Image: Screen shot from Fox News video via YouTube.

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