Joe Biden's mistakes are no laughing matter

A great president, and good leaders under him, would think about the possible consequences of their words and policies before they speak and act.  Unfortunately, Biden is nothing like a great president, and the Democrats in Congress are not good leaders, and most should be sent packing in November.  Some consequences of their governance might be unintended, but others are definitely intended.  Take the destruction of our energy independence, for instance.  Biden and Democrats declared war on fossil fuels when he first became president, and they pledged to end the use of fossil fuels in the USA because they were hell-bent on instituting the Green New Deal, which tries to make Americans use only renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar.

The problem is that fossil fuels are the basis of prosperity in the USA and in other countries, and human beings garner the majority of our energy from them.  It is nonsensical to believe that we can just do without fossil fuels.

What are the consequences of Biden's actions against fossil fuels, such as shutting down the Keystone Pipeline?  Gas and diesel prices have increased, hurting people.  Natural gas prices have increased, and people will have to pay much more to heat their homes this winter.  Many in the USA and Europe are looking forward to a very difficult winter ahead, and some will even die.

Biden's bad policy on energy is also having terrible consequences in Europe and the U.K.  We could have supplied these countries with petroleum and natural gas, but we aren't producing enough anymore.

Also, the Ukraine war is a consequence of Biden's policy.  In his recent speech at the United Nations, Biden said the right things on Ukraine, but he did not say the entire truth.  Maybe he should have admitted that he tried to appease Putin and, as an unintended consequence, enriched Putin so that he could afford to invade.  Ukrainians died in large numbers, and their cities have been destroyed.  Tens of thousands of Russians have been killed, too.  There has been torture in Ukraine, and now Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons.

Biden's virtue-signaling at the U.N. was pathetic and disgusting.  Again, people are dying because of him.

Anyway, what steps has Biden taken to make things better destroying our energy independence?  He takes oil and gas out of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to drive down the price of gas for a political win.  Some of these reserves, which are meant for emergencies, he even sells to China.  What will the USA do when an emergency comes along and we have no reserves?  Another unforeseen consequence.

On another matter, September 18, 2022 was a bad day for a teen named Cayler Ellingson in North Dakota.  A leftist named Shannon Taylor Brandt allegedly ran the 18-year-old over with his truck, killing him, early in the morning.  Brandt was indicted and released on $50,000 bond.  Brandt told police that Ellingson was part of an extremist Republican group, and that's why he ran him over and then left the scene, leaving Ellingson to die, again allegedly.

Was this tragedy a consequence of Biden's recent divisive rhetoric?  On September 1, 2022, Biden went to Philadelphia and ratcheted up his slander and smears against half the country.  He shook his fists before Independence Hall and said, "Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic." 

Maybe he inspired Brandt, or maybe Brandt just said that to justify his actions after the fact because he thought things would go easier for him.  No one can say but the killer, and he has used the words "Republican" and "extremist" to describe the young man he murdered.

On still another matter, this week in Colorado, a suspected illegal alien allegedly committed a hit-and-run on a 23-year-old police officer named Alexis Hein-Nutz, who was going to work on her motorcycle.  Instead of helping the officer, the illegal alien, named Octavio González-García, took off running into a cornfield.  Evidence at the scene indicated that he had been drinking.  He was captured later, before he could return to Mexico as he was planning to do.  He is charged with murder.

Is this tragedy a consequence of Biden's open-border policy or the sanctuary policies under the current Democrat governor in the state?  Maybe.  There have been a number of crimes that have been committed by illegal aliens who have entered the USA, and there will surely be more with so many coming.

We are stuck with this president for another two years.  Let's limit the damage he can do by taking power away from him and Democrats in November.

C.S. Boddie writes for Meadowlark Press, LLC.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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