A gay man condemns transgender education

In a video that has gone viral, a gentleman by the name of Mario Presents lambasted those who would teach children in the school district attended by his nephews about the “joys” of transgenderism. He convincingly declared, “If I tried to teach your children about my sexuality, I would be arrested. Yet when the school board does it. it’s education.” Mario speaks from the perspective of an openly gay man, a member of Gays Against Groomers Coalition, an organization with over 250,000 followers on social media.

Far too many individuals in our society believe that all gay people are in favor of the LGBTQ etc. agenda, a platform which would ram many heretofore impossible beliefs down the throats of the public and force our children and grandchildren to be indoctrinated with their sick ideas. The video makes it clear that is not the case.

As Tucker Carlson reported this week, many of the finest medical institutions in the country are openly advocating and allowing both top and bottom surgeries on minor children. (For the uninitiated, top surgery would involve performing double mastectomies on young females, while bottom surgery includes male castration and female hysterectomies on teenaged youngsters.)

Esteemed medical hospitals associated with Vanderbilt University, the University of California--San Francisco, and others of equal status openly recruit children for this surgery on their websites. Why? Because, as a Vanderbilt spokesman explained in a video displayed by Carlson, the surgeries are very profitable, usually garnering a $40,000 fee.

Doctors are told, in no uncertain terms, to get with the program or not to let the door hit them in the backside as they leave. These medical institutions have redefined the Hippocratic oath from its former ‘First, do no harm,’ to “First, generate a profit.’ As the public has become aware of these travesties, several of the schools are stripping their websites of the vile invitations to permanent destruction of children’s sexuality to avoid possible lawsuits.

I find it particularly interesting that this video of a gay man bashing the teaching of transgenderism to our youth is the hottest thing on the internet this week. It seems this gentleman has far better instincts to protect our youth than do the medical institutions cited.

As a dreaded straight white male (oh, the horror) I know that when I was young, I felt some of the same disregard for homosexuality that was common at the time. I believe I was even guilty of telling a gay joke or two. Discovering that a beloved younger brother was gay somehow changed all of that.

My brother and his friends educated me about being gay. The overwhelming majority of gay men had no interest in recruiting, or grooming young men into becoming gay, and the incidence of pedophilia was far greater among heterosexuals than within the gay population. They believed, and they convinced me, that their sexuality was not a matter of choice. Why, they asked, would anyone want to willingly become a member of the most universally shunned group of individuals throughout history?

My entire family and I were accepting of my brother’s lifestyle. Sadly, the HIV epidemic came along and killed many fine men, including my brother, thanks in no small part to Dr. Anthony Fauci. The world would be a far better place with just one like my brother rather than a thousand Faucis.

So Mario Presents’ video cheered me today, and I watched it three times in delight. Maybe a gay man’s argument against the depravities of our age might have more influence than the ravings of an old white fossil like myself could ever garner. I imagined my brother making this same plea if he were still alive. Voices must be raised against the horrors being openly advocated and encouraged in today’s society. At least one has been raised brilliantly.

Bill Hansmann wrhdds@aol.com


Image: Public Domain

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