Joe Biden wanders off lost, again

The day before yesterday, amid all the United Nations festivities, Joe Biden was addressing the Global Fund's Seventh Replenishment Conference in New York. 

The event was organized to raise funds to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

Biden ended his speech by thanking all the participants for their contributions.

Biden had managed the challenging part of the exercise, reading off the teleprompter devoid of major gaffes.  All he had to do was exit the stage into a safe zone away from prying eyes and camera lenses.

Anyone with functioning cognitive abilities could achieve this with ease.  Alas, that wasn't the case with Biden.

Biden walked toward the right side of the stage to disembark but suddenly stopped, looking confused and lost.

Biden appeared to be mumbling under his breath.  His utterances were inaudible owing to the surrounding noises at the venue.

The host then read out a thank you note, which attracted Biden's attention but seemed to compound his bewilderment.

The video has been viewed nearly six million times. 

To be fair, this was an unfamiliar venue, and camera flashes can temporarily impair visibility.  But when this happens, most individuals promptly look for guidance from personnel from the venue. 

But in Biden's case, this was more than a momentary confusion.  He seemed utterly lost for quite some time.

This isn't the first time Biden seemed to be disoriented.

It happened at the White House following an appearance alongside President Obama.

It even happened on the White House lawn, where Biden ambled around aimlessly despite being prompted by members of the Secret Service.

At one event, Biden once shook hands with an invisible man.

Biden recently struggled to accomplish the simple task of getting his jacket on. When he tried, he dropped his sun goggles.  He needed the assistance of his wife Jill.

Biden seems like an appliance struggling to function when the battery is almost drained. 

An easy way to verify Biden's decline is to watch videos of his from a decade ago.  Biden wasn't exactly the most adept of wordsmiths or astute of thinkers.  But he was able to construct coherent sentences and exit a room.

Yes, Biden was always prone to gaffes, but those gaffes often emanated from carelessness and overconfidence bordering on arrogance.

As vice president, he paid condolences to an Irish then–prime minister over the supposed death of his mother.  However, his tribute was utterly premature, because the lady in question was alive and well.

Biden's recent gaffes are of a different nature.  They originate from a mind that is obviously not functioning fully.

Months ago, Texas GOP rep. Ronny Jackson, who was the White House physician for the Obama and Trump administrations, demanded that Biden take a cognitive test

So what is this condition?

Johns Hopkins Medicine's website states that cognitive disorder impairment, or dementia, usually affects older adults.  This condition affects memory, thinking, and behavior.  It progresses to the point where it affects basic activities and functions. 

An individual who suffers from this mustn't be assigned stressful or complex tasks such as leading one of the world's largest democracies and having access to nuclear weapons.

The decline in Biden's cognitive abilities was apparent from the day he launched his presidential bid.

Even his fellow Democrats taunted him during a primary debate.

But someone in the higher echelons of the Democrat party hatched this plan to install a puppet in the White House.  Someone knew he could use Biden to push a far-left agenda that would alter America forever.

Most presidents are concerned about their legacy and are reluctant to bring about drastic changes.  But Biden struggles to remember his way around the White House lawn, so the notion of his legacy is unlikely to even cross his impaired mind.

So what do we have now?

Biden is lost, both in the literal sense and the metaphorical sense.

The nation is struggling due to Biden's misgovernance on matters ranging from record inflation to an open border.  The world is in chaos.  Afghanistan seems to be back in control of ISIS and al-Qaeda, while the conflict in Ukraine seems to be needlessly escalating due to war-mongers in Washington.  Taiwan is on tenterhooks.  Venezuela has descended into a full-blown narco-state and puppet of Russia, its nationals fleeing that country in their millions.

Biden frequently makes claims that the White House has to walk back, which even his allies in the media are forced to chronicle.

Biden claimed that Vladimir Putin must be ousted from power.  Perhaps Biden inadvertently revealed the mission behind the U.S. intervening in the conflict in Russia, as that claim was summarily walked back.

Biden recently claimed that the pandemic is over, but the puppetmasters repudiated that statement, too.

Beyond the walk-backs, Biden's schedule when he is in the White House is always light.  He frequently escapes to Delaware, even when the country is struggling under myriad crises due to his misgovernance.

Biden rarely is subjected to the press for impromptu questions, and in fact, Biden's staffers often prevent him from answering questions.  Live broadcasts are frequently delayed by an hour, quite possibly because Biden is unprepared.

Biden read cluelessly from a teleprompter, making it obvious that he doesn't comprehend the words he is pronouncing. 

He reads anything before him, including the instructions.

The White House may manage to "manage" Biden, but his incapacity is exposed when he has to deal the shrewd adversaries such as Russia's President Putin.

Putin surely realized during his one-to-one meeting with Biden that Biden was compromised and not in control.  Perhaps it emboldened him to engage militarily in Ukraine.

What should the GOP do if they win majorities in the Senate and the House following the midterms?

They must compel Biden to take a thorough cognitive test, and the test results must be made public.  The test must be administered in the presence of Dr. Jackson and Dr. Rand Paul in addition to Biden's team of doctors.

If Biden were to fail those tests, he must be relieved from his duties, immediately.

The first alternative is the 25th Amendment, which has never been used previously.  Here the vice president and the majority of the president's Cabinet determine that the president is unfit for office.  Congress then approves that process by a two-thirds vote in both chambers.

This is an impossibility since the vice president and Biden's Cabinet are Democrats.

The second alternative is impeachment.

Despite the fact that the GOP won't be able to convict Biden in the Senate due to the likes of Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, and other usual suspects, a Republican Congress must impeach Biden for symbolic reasons.

Installing a puppet and running a government by proxy are tactics used by the Deep State of third-world totalitarian regimes.  This must never be allowed in one of the world's leading democracies.

However, the lust for power and immense pecuniary gains cause people to behave in the most cold-hearted fashion.  It is inhuman of Biden's wife and family to allow him to be exploited like this, such that he becomes the target of ridicule. 

Biden is the empty vessel into which anything can be poured. 

This dream is for the Democrats eager to force their unpopular and unsustainable ideas on the public, yet this has become an unmitigated nightmare for the American people.

The Democrats have diminished the highest office in the nation and the nation itself.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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