Is the tide turning in Holland?

Whenever I read about protesters slinging poop, I am irresistibly reminded of Democrats, whom I've called the "Party of Poop" ever since the Bush era, when they were mailing poop, throwing poop, pooping poop, and generally bringing it to all their efforts, real or imaginary.  Looking at the state of Democrat-run cities in 2022, nothing has changed.  But in Holland, it's entirely possible that throwing poop really did have an effect.  The farmers did it to protest a draconian climate edict, and now, the radical agriculture minister behind the push has resigned.

Over the summer, Dutch farmers began to protest radical requirements for cutting nitrogen emissions on the farms.  In a massive protest, more than 40,000 farmers blocked roads with their tractors and ended by pouring manure (always plentiful on farms) on government offices, surrounding streets, and even the police.  That protest may have had some effect, because the radical minister of agriculture in the Dutch government has resigned — and not voluntarily:

The Netherlands' agricultural minister Henk Staghouwer has been forced to resign following widespread protests from Dutch farmers over his radical climate agenda that seeks to destroy their livelihoods.

Staghouwer was leading the Dutch agriculture ministry's climate policy that involved confiscating farms in a forced government buy-out scheme.

In the wake of the huge protests from farmers, Staghouwer has now been forced to step down.

He told the Dutch cabinet that pushback from farmers had meant he would not be able to meet a September deadline for rolling out the government's radical green policy, the AP reported.

The climate agenda involves cutting nitrogen emissions from the nation's farming sector to the point where it made it impossible for farms to continue operating.

The initiative includes a $24.2 billion scheme to buy out local farmers and facilitate the transition away from intensive farming practices.

You noticed that Staghouwer isn't giving up on the whole plan.  He's just resigning because he missed a deadline.  If the farmers stop now and rest on their laurels, they may as well have saved all the manure to fertilize the teeny little garden patches they'll have when they're pushed off their farms.  As of now, there's no indication that the Dutch government has learned from the debacle in Sri Lanka when Lysenkoism ruled, and the country ran out of food.

Whether in Europe, the Indian subcontinent, or Africa, we are getting graphic evidence that the entire green agenda is deadly.  It will leave us sweltering in the heat; freezing in the cold; afraid in the dark; and, invariably, starving.  It serves no one but the self-styled elite who blithely imagine that they will ride out the coming (and desired) mass death and awake to a pastoral land in which they live in first-world luxury while a planet of serfs provides for their every need.

I don't see American lefties learning their lesson (they all think they'll be among the saved), so I'm hoping our American farmers have a lot of manure.

Image: Dutch farmers spray manure.  YouTube screen grab.

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