I remember when they called that 'homophobic'

They say some strange things over at MSNBC.  In fact, I'm convinced that people compete over there to see who can be more crazy or bizarre. However, I'm not sure that you can top this one.  Here is the story:       

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle and her guests on The 11th Hour were in fits of laughter as they mocked Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham with the implication that he is gay during an off-the-rails segment about abortion policy in the United States.

On Friday’s show, Ruhle’s panel guests included CBS Sunday Morning‘s Nancy Giles, CNBC’s Ron Insana, MSNBC columnist Liz Plank, and comic and podcaster Judy Gold.

“And, the fact that he is telling women what to do with their bodies,” Gold began. She paused a second before Giles nodded and said, “Go for it.”

“He’s never seen a vagina! He’s never seen a naked woman!” Gold blurted, as the whole panel laughed it up, including Stephanie Ruhle. “And he is telling me?”

The implication that Gold was using to crack up the panel is one that’s made pretty often on the Democrat side, which is to suggest Graham is gay, apparently as an insult.

Amid the crosstalk and tittering, Ruhle added her own wink and nudge, saying, “We don’t know that for sure. We do not know that for sure.”

MSNBC’s Liz Plank said “It’s probably true, it’s probably true.”

“Judy we would refer to that as an unconfirmed report,” said CNBC’s Insana getting in on it.

“Someone needs to find out!” said Plank.

“I’m going to speculate…” Gold said.

“According to Judy Gold,” interjected CBS’s Giles.

All this because he wants to limit abortions after 15 weeks? For the record, I don't like Senator Graham's idea because it should be decided on a state by state basis. Nevertheless, the senator is a lot closer to public opinion than the "abortion on demand" panelists on that show. In fact, 47 of 50 European countries ban abortions before 15 weeks.

First of all, this back and forth about the senator being gay is horrific.  

Second, it confirms the double standard. They can joke about it but call us "homophobic" when we do.  The best part of the story is that few people are impressed with that kind of humor.  Is NBC comfortable with that kind of conversation in a news cable show?   

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Image: Gage Skidmore

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