Giorgia Meloni’s election should give hope here in America

Giorgia Meloni’s recent resounding victory in Italy is a lesson for America. It’s simple—the slogan “God, Family and Country” would be a winner here, too, especially if backed by policies supporting those themes.

Listening to her, Meloni could be Margaret Thatcher’s granddaughter and, given her clear ties to Trump policies, we could have a strong relationship with Italy that harks back to the Reagan/Thatcher era. Further, Italy could drive the last nail in the autocratic, wild-eyed EU coffin. The EU recognizes this, explaining why it threatened sanctions if Italians elected Meloni.

Those Italians who put Meloni in office made clear that they were pushing back against the left’s policies: open borders, disdain for Christianity, the complete embrace of the LGBTQ+++ agenda, etc. That matters because America is bathed in the same tidal wave of suicidal societal insanity. People increasingly notice that it’s impossible to have reasonable conversations with many Americans whose values are so incompatible with a functional society that there is no common ground for discourse.

I estimate that about 15-20 % of America has slipped into this insanity. I base this on the Rasmussen “Daily Presidential Tracking Poll,” which invariably shows that Biden has strong support from at least 20% of the population. This is the same Biden who often does not know where he is or what he is saying and often speaks gibberish. Who has puppet masters 24/7. Who lacks the mental acumen to act rationally in an international crisis or attack on America. Who cannot possibly carefully assess legislation. As we’ve seen, the best Biden can do is sign where he is told, and even that just barely. This is a perilous situation for America, but 20% of Americans think all is well.

Image: Giorgia Meloni. YouTube screen grab.

It’s this 20% (which heavily populates academia, Hollywood, and the media) from which we get this type of madness:

Societal breakdown: The ACLU drove the push to close mental hospitals in the 1970s, leaving the mentally ill to populate our streets with the Democrat party’s full support. They’ve been joined by substance abusers who get free crack kits from the current administration. The Democrats fight hard against nuclear families (especially fathers) and the Judeo-Christian religious ethos. The Democrats are also normalizing homosexuality in the schools, complete with drag queen shows and very graphic books; and refusing to punish criminals. 

This is especially true in Black communities, where LBJ’s Great Society (which economically encouraged single motherhood) eventually merged with the race hustlers and Critical Race Theory. With cheerleading from Obama, Biden, and BLM, many Blacks are alienated from the dominant culture and White America.

When you add to this an open border, which means there is no screening for diseases, drugs, criminal affiliations or propensities, and financial wherewithal, you are further undercutting the foundation of America’s strengths. The result is a society that only the Devil, Democrats, and the insane could welcome.

The FBI’s breakdown. The FBI has been transformed from a law enforcement agency to a purely partisan organization that ignores the Constitution and the law. Instead, its management exists to punish those who oppose Biden’s administration, and its rank and file, chained to pensions that vest only after 20 years, goes along for the ride (in the armored car, wearing SWAT gear). And, of course, Democrats cheer.

Economic breakdown. It’s insane to bankrupt America with continued wild spending or to implement a Green New Deal that won’t save the climate but will destroy our very effective energy systems; to sic 87,000 new, armed IRS agents on the middle class; and to send billions of dollars to Ukraine, while telling America’s hungry vets to get food stamps and sitting back while prices for everything soar out of the reach of ordinary Americans.

As I said, insanity, and America has a long road to recovery from it. Meloni’s victory, however, offers hope when we need bucking up. If Meloni can win in the heart of the European Union, we Americans can claw our way back from the madness infecting our country and return to affluent normalcy.

Christopher Garbacz was a professor of economics. He has often traveled in Italy.

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