John Cena just set an admirable world record

We live in a world where elites like celebrities and politicians and billionaires beclown themselves by living high on the hog while admonishing the little people to tighten their belts and live more austere lives. We are surrounded by selfishness and hypocrisy and tone-deafness, and we are witnessing the downfall of law and order and possibly the Constitution itself.

In such a world, at such a time, John Cena’s new world record is that much more heartwarming. John is rich and famous, having made his mark as a professional wrestler and a rapper before moving on to acting. He has endorsements with Gillette, Gold’s Gym, and the Daytona 500. He’s in high demand and can do pretty much as he chooses.

One of the things he chooses to do is work with Make-A-Wish. The foundation grants wishes to children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. Children have wished for a puppy, to get a tree house, to spend a day as a firefighter, or to visit a resort like Disneyland. Many children wish to meet a celebrity they admire.

Image: John Cena. YouTube screen grab.

John Cena is the most requested celebrity at Make-A-Wish since they opened in 1999. He started granting wishes in 2002. Guinness World Records recently announced that John is the world record holder for granting wishes, at a whopping 650 wishes. No one else has granted more than 200 wishes.

John was honored in 2015 for granting 500 wishes. On that occasion, he said, “I will drop what I’m doing and be involved because I think that’s the coolest thing.” John just met with Misha, a refugee teen from Ukraine. Misha’s mother kept up his spirits on their dangerous journey by telling him they were going to meet John Cena, and sure enough, John answered that call. How cool is that?

Pandra Selivanov is the author of Future Slave, a story about a 21st century black teenage who goes back in time and becomes a slave in the old south.

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