Donna Brazile’s latest essay illustrates how low the left will go

The Swamp is so deep, I almost forget that many of these creatures even exist, but then they seemingly materialize from obscurity, all for humiliating cerebral flops of epic proportions — and Donna Brazile is one of those reprobates.

In a recent analysis on the current state of civic affairs, Brazile exhibits the true nature of the political establishment’s low-rent Machiavellianism (or perhaps their unbelievable ineptitude), and among other things, accuses Republicans and conservatives of promoting a big lie. So what is it?

Let me preface this by saying that this isn’t satire. According to Brazile, Republicans are actually the “anti-law enforcement party” and accusations leveled against Democrats of being “soft on crime” are nothing more than malignant falsehoods meant to “stoke racial fears ahead of midterm elections.” Yes, seriously, that’s what she wrote.

Oh, but she didn’t stop digging, and continued with:

The truth is that when Republicans say ‘law and order,’ they’re conveying a well-understood code phrase designed to scare white voters into believing that only Republicans can protect them from supposedly ‘dangerous Black people and immigrants.’

Saying law and order is actually a euphemism to hide my veiled racism against “dangerous” non-Whites and foreign residents?

I actually take offense at this sort of hyperbole. Although I can’t stomach calling myself a Republican because of the absence of uncompromising Constitutionalism in the Republican Party, I am certainly resolute in my belief that law and order is a necessary facet of a functioning society. Sin is part of the human condition, and morality must be legislated — you cannot force people to behave morally, but you can criminalize and punish immorality. The idea that support for law and order is simply a nuanced effort to “stoke racial fears” is ludicrous, and quite frankly, this rhetoric is nearly synonymous with that of Biden as he stood on the steps of Independence Hall, decrying Republican “extremism” just a little more than two weeks before a man would run down and kill a teenage boy for being a Republican. Oh, and by the way, the alleged murderer was released on bail with no house arrest and no curfew.

The level of incendiary misinformation in Brazile’s piece is off the charts, but I don’t expect any fact-checking bureaus to be Johnny-on-the-spot correcting her dangerous rhetoric, which once again, emanates exclusively from the political left.

Honestly, her whole editorial is so illogical and ludicrous, I found it difficult staying on track in my attempt to debunk just one of Brazile’s irresponsible fibs. If I were to create a comprehensive list, citing examples of soft-on-crime policy under Democrats, I’d be here all week (or longer).

New York City is one of the hardest hit jurisdictions of leftist political theory in action, and in turn, has seen such violence at the hands of criminals. Given this inconvenient truth that leftist policy leads to spikes in violent crime, it’s hard to believe Brazile can actually write such a fraudulent article, and pass it off as no big deal. Here are a few headlines from just the last week:

  1. Woman savagely beaten by homeless parolee in unprovoked attack inside Queens subway station

  2. Emergency Medical Worker Fatally Stabbed in Random Attack in Queens

  3. NYC Uber Eats delivery man says ‘nobody helped’ as ‘super perp’ with 103 priors allegedly stabbed him

  4. 2 more teens busted in NYC stabbing death of man, with 1 released on bail

Didn’t I tell you the flop was going to be painfully embarrassing?

Democrats like Brazile really do struggle with the intellectual side of politics, so it’s hard to know whether the fabricated narrative is intentional, or simply symptomatic of being a brain-dead useful idiot.

Image: ENERGY.GOV, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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