Incoming Italian PM Meloni teaches French President Macron a lesson on insulting Italy

Wow! European Union bureaucrats and heads of governments are learning the hard way to stop threatening and dumping on the choice of Italian voters to entrust their government to Giorgia Meloni.

I suspect that we’re going to be seeing a lot of videos of the newly-elected Italian PM Meloni addressing her people. So far, I’ve only seen a couple, including her English Language address to CPAC, and was impressed with her ability as an orator. She is frank, pointed, and clearly believes what she says about the importance of God, family, and country. Like President Trump, she doesn’t respect the “norms” that stifle conservative critics while permitting the vilest behavior by leftists.

PM-to-be Meloni is unafraid to take on the unelected European Union bureaucrats and now she has demonstrated that she is willing to take on other EU heads of governments when they scorn the decision of Italian voters to entrust her with the powers of the Italian state. This video posted to Truth Social by Kane of Citizen Free Press, has her firing back at France’s Macron with both barrels, taking on France’s (little noted in Western media) high handed role in many Francophone Africa states that it treats as little better than colonies.


hat tip: Don Surber

Photo credit: Truth Social video screengrab

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