Democrats aren't just persecuting Republicans; they're baiting them

The brilliant Julie Kelly has a great essay summarizing the Biden administration's accelerating persecution and prosecution of Republicans who dared question a bizarre presidential election that broke with all norms going back more than two centuries.  Kelly believes, as I do, that this is going to end with Donald Trump's indictment.  My guess is that the indictment will take place before the election because Democrats want to trigger a violent response that will justify halting the elections and, possibly, imposing some form of martial law.  I can't believe I'm writing that, but all the indications are there.

As I said, you should definitely read Kelly's "The Regime's 'Operation MAGA Fascist' Gains Ground," because it perfectly summarizes how Democrats have spent two years escalating words and actions against Trump-supporters and other Republicans.  Kelly has been on this issue like a hungry dog on a juicy bone, so her summation is going to be one of the best you'll see.  I want to focus, however, on where she sees this escalation heading in the coming weeks:

But the MOAB in Operation MAGA Fascist will detonate after a D.C. grand jury, working in secret with Biden's Justice Department, hands down a criminal indictment against Donald Trump. It isn't a question of if that will happen, but when. Will Democrats drop the bomb before Election Day or after? How long can they drag out the dramatics before their own base turns on them?

Either way, the goal is to stoke a political uprising in much the same way these interests accomplished what they wanted on January 6, 2021. It follows a familiar pattern of name-calling, false accusations, and blatant cover-ups in the reckless pursuit of power.

Incidentally, I think Mike Lindell will be indicted, too, on a charge that he conspired with Tina Peters, the Mesa (Colorado) County clerk and recorder.  Peters is being charged with multiple felonies that flow, as best as I can tell, from her belief that her position required her to expose election irregularities.

Image: Joe Biden.  YouTube screen grab.

Kelly wonders whether the timing of the Trump indictment will be before or after the midterm elections.  My money is on the indictment coming before the election.  The Democrats are counting on the fact that Republicans, who have successfully avoided the violence and destruction that is par for the course with Democrat mobs, will finally explode with rage if Trump is indicted.  And frankly, I'm not sure Trump will have the wisdom to warn people to keep calm and carry on should he be indicted and arrested.

It's as plain as a pikestaff that there will be two goals behind arresting Trump.  The first and most obvious is to end Trump's ability to run for president (although there's nothing in the Constitution to stop him from doing so, even if — God forbid — he's in prison).  The second goal is to have Trump-supporters commit even the slightest bit of violence (tearing down a sign would be enough) to justify stopping the midterm elections and, perhaps, declaring martial law.

Two years ago, I never could have imagined myself writing those words.  But after two years of watching the Democrats go from hysterical rhetoric to mass arrests to using the FBI to imprison Trump-supporters (thereby intimidating everyone else) to using totalitarian-style rhetoric against half of America...well, I'm now ready to believe that anything is possible.

I suggest that Republicans have a plan in place for when (not if, but when) Trump is arrested.  That plan should be one that allows Trump-supporters and other Americans to have their outrage be heard, even as the plan makes it impossible for Democrats to justify shutting down the upcoming election or calling in the guard.

At the end of the day, I don't think most ordinary Americans will support the Democrats' attempt to destroy all political opposition so that, as Erdoğan and Putin did before them, they can achieve total control over the government and the military.  If Democrats really go down that road, it will be awfully hard to pull back, and so many lives will end up destroyed.

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