Democrat operatives are the real threat, not Russia

Somehow, our intelligence agencies recently determined that over the last eight years, Russia has spent $300 million to influence global politics.  That is a pretty small dollar amount.  Even if they spent it all in the U.S., it would amount to around 12 cents per person per year.

In contrast, WaPo, other newspapers, television networks, and social media outlets spend massive amounts seeking to influence the way Americans vote every day.  Almost all of their efforts are spent trying to elect Democrats and inflict upon Americans radical leftist policies to destroy and "build back better." 

Democrats are allowed to challenge any election they lose, but when Republicans do it, they are labeled as extremists who want to destroy America.

Any restriction on abortion is called "extremism," but true extremist policies that support abortion up through birth are treated as popular. 

Judges who say legislation should be left up to the legislative bodies are falsely called "activist" judges who take away constitutional rights.

The Obama administration, including the politicized Justice Department, colluded with Hillary and the DNC to destroy Trump with a fake Russian collusion story.  They even lied to the FISA court to illegally spy on Trump associates. 

Not only did the media ignore the corruption at the Justice Department, but they participated in spreading the lies to intentionally mislead the public.

Now we learn that the same FBI that was weaponized against Trump has hired the person who created the false Russian dossier story:

The Russia analyst charged with lying to the FBI about his role in crafting the infamous Steele dossier was on the bureau's payroll as a confidential informant, according to an explosive new court filing released Tuesday.

Special Counsel John Durham revealed the FBI hired Igor Danchenko in March 2017, months after the bureau first interviewed him about his work on the dossier. Durham charged Danchenko last year with repeatedly lying to the FBI about his work on the dossier, and his sources for the discredited document.

Given the fact that the media repeat Democrat talking points in their news and opinion pieces, my guess is most of the media will refuse to cover this story because they pretend no one should question this FBI, claiming it is independent and unbiased. 

The WaPo is worried about Russia spending $300 million worldwide, but they seem unconcerned that Zuckerberg spent $400 million in one election cycle to control local races.

But we aren't even supposed to question the election results.

The media don't even care that CTCL, a Zuckerberg-funded project, is alleged to have committed bribery, but the media and other Democrats perpetuate the myth that the election was the "most secure" in history.  From the article addressing the investigative report into the Zuckerberg endeavor:

As part of the election bribery scheme, CTCL was reaching out to the five largest cities in Wisconsin, and CTCL wanted information from those cities in determining how to provide money to those cities to facilitate increased in-person and absentee voting[.]

In 2020, the media, Justice Department, over 50 former intelligence officials, and other Democrats colluded to bury the truthful story about the Biden family corruption and the Hunter Biden laptop by falsely claiming that it was Russian disinformation.

This censorship intentionally interfered with the public learning the truth about how corrupt Joe Biden is.  These people went all-out Machiavelli to elect Biden and destroy Trump in the minds of the public.  This election interference was much more damaging than anything Russia, China, or Iran has ever done to influence our elections.

But no one is supposed to question the results of the election of Biden.  They are labeled election-deniers and liars and targeted by the Justice Department.

Now what are the results after 20 months of a president the media supported?

Record-breaking inflation, which is destroying the poor, the middle class, and small businesses.

The intentional destruction of the fossil fuel industry which in turn allows oil-producing Russia to fill the void, and bring in revenue to finance the war in Ukraine.

Open borders, drug-running, deaths, and human-smuggling.  The cartels are doing very well.  Rampant crime. 

Starving Afghans, and sex-based violence against women and girls. 

Yet what do these "journalists" worry about and prioritize?  Republicans who "challenge" the 2020 election, and the "insurrection" on January 6.

And what is the Justice Department focused on as it ignores the crime in cities and at the border?  They are issuing subpoenas as fast as they can to anyone who talked to Trump before the election and raiding his house.

The moral of the story is just put a "D" behind your name and the media will support you and you will be above the law.  The media and the Democrats who parade around as if they're allies are much more of a threat than those who openly identify as opposition.

Image: Free image from Pixabay, no attribution required.

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