Decoding the far-left heckler

Just yesterday, Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz was heckled while on a flight to Texas.

As Cruz was preparing to disembark when the plane landed, a passenger filmed Cruz and began to taunt him.

"We're in Houston?  I thought we were going to Cancun," was the first jibe, referring to Cruz's family vacation last year amid statewide power outages in Texas.

The next jibe pertained to gun control and the Texas school shooting in May that left 19 children and two adults dead.

"Senator, thank you for everything you've done since Uvalde.  All those podcast episodes must have raised a lot of money for you." 

The heckler mocked Cruz for voting against a gun legislation bill. 

Cruz pointed to his proposed school safety bill that was blocked by Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).

The heckler then asked Cruz whether he knew any of the names of the Uvalde victims.

"I do," Cruz responded.  "Ask why Chris Murphy objected and stopped the biggest school safety bill that's ever passed yesterday." 

Cruz previously was assailed in May at a restaurant in Houston following his speech at the National Rifle Association convention.

This isn't the first time Trump allies were harassed in public.

Back in 2016, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were on a flight at New York's JFK International Airport when a co-passenger confronted and verbally attacked them.

The heckling crescendoed in 2018.

President Trump's Homeland Security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, was heckled by the D.C. Democratic Socialists of America at a Mexican eatery in D.C.

Trump's press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was forced out of a Virginia restaurant merely because she worked for President Trump. 

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller was called a fascist while he was dining at a restaurant in D.C.  Miller had another incident, where he was taunted by a bartender who followed him out on the street after he picked up a take-out meal from a restaurant.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was also targeted at a book shop in Richmond, Virginia by a woman who began "verbally accosting" him and calling him "a piece of trash." 

Sen. Cruz was compelled to leave a Washington restaurant after left-wing loons swarmed the senator, heckling him and demanding to know his position on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Time for a hypothetical scenario.

What if Trump-supporters heckled Biden's White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, while she was having a quiet dinner at a restaurant with her family?

It would be called racist, sexist, and homophobic.  The hecklers would be branded as domestic terrorists and white supremacists.  They would be sent to prison and placed in solitary confinement.  The media would claim that Trump had ordered the attack.  The FBI would open another investigation on Trump.  The media would carry the news for weeks.  Jean-Pierre would claim that the incident had scarred her for life, for which she would get a lucrative book deal.

But since the victims are Trump-supporters, the media and the Democrats brand the verbal assailants as hecklers and protesters, the implication being that they were exercising their Democratic rights, and it was a case of righteous moral indignation.  There is no concern or question about filming an individual without his consent or invading personal space or time.

This shouldn't surprise us.  The media and the Democrats overlooked and euphemized the violence of Democrat terrorists threatening Supreme Court justices and vandalizing Catholic churches, pregnancy centers, and the offices of pro-life groups. 

The BLM riots supported by Democrats were politely referred to as protests against systemic racism.  The loss of lives, injuries, and considerable loss due to property destruction were ignored.  In fact, the rioters were supported by top Democrats.

Beyond the obvious dual standards, what do we make of this?

Joe Biden has already called MAGA Republicans "semi-fascist" and "the most extreme political organization" in recent American history."  Biden said he doesn't respect MAGA-supporters.  Many other Democrats have used incendiary language against MAGA Republicans since Trump kicked off his campaign in 2015.

Many entertainment shows have devolved into platforms where the sole objective is to target political opponents — i.e., MAGA Republicans.

They have dehumanized MAGA Republicans in the eyes of their supporters.  

Brainwashed far-left social media 'activists' interpret it as a call to arms.  In their addled minds, all methods are justified for the greater good.  At times, they could just be seeking attention that enabled pecuniary gains.

The concern is that a deranged individual could resort to violence.

Back in June, a gunman who intended to assassinate Supreme Court justice Brett M. Kavanaugh was apprehended outside the justice's home.

Back in 2020, Sen. Rand Paul was attacked by a mob while walking with his wife from the White House following the Republican National Convention.

It was not the first time he had been physically attacked.

In 2017, a far-left terrorist and Bernie Sanders–supporter opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia that seriously injured Rep. Steve Scalise.

Trump-supporters have always been targets.

See also videos here and here.

Yesterday, there was an actual murder.

It isn't just Democrats hecklers and thugs.  The Democrats are misusing their investigative agencies to target political opponents.  The January 6 probe exists to prevent President Trump from running for office in 2024. 

Parents who opposed the indoctrination of their young children were branded as domestic terrorists.  The FBI raided Trump's private residence without making the objective or outcome clear.

It has also become common practice for agencies to conduct raidsarrest, seize phones and computers, and intimidate Trump's allies and media figures seen to be sympathetic to Trump.

While the Biden administration is criminalizing political opposition, the Democrats, via their paid or brainwashed miscreants, are harassing or physically harming political opponents.

The goal behind both acts is to instill fear and ultimately deter other aspirants from joining the movement.

These incidences of heckling may seem like minor annoyances to viewers of videos on social media.  But it does cause great distress.  These are not peaceful or playful heckles.  There is violence in their words.  They usually invade personal space and perhaps even throw objects at their targets.

If you want to place yourself in the target's position, just recall the last time you were involved in a heated argument or when someone was really vicious to you.  The impact lasts for hours, perhaps for days and weeks.

The prospect of being targeted by random hecklers or troublemakers will cause concern or even panic in the minds of targets.  Even if the targets don't fear for themselves, they will fear for the well-being of family members.

In the end, every individual desires peace, where he can share quality personal time with his family.

If his personal space is relentlessly invaded and threat perpetually looms, it does cause the individual to ponder if his life and the lives of their family members are worth wasting or sacrificing or placing in peril for politics.

This is the ultimate goal behind these coordinated tactics from the left: to strike such fear that people either withdraw completely or side with the Democrats just to stop the attacks.

The ultimate objective behind these tactics is to have a one-party system where only the Democrats reign supreme.

Image: YouTube screen shot.

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