Nikki Haley smacks down a wokester scold trying to tell her what her name should be

It's nice to see a leftist wokester scold and hypocrite get smacked down as a flaming hypocrite, and with egg all over her face.

The honors for that one went to former South Carolina governor and United Nations envoy Nikki Haley, who beat the crap out of an obnoxious leftist from The View, who tried to tell her what her name is.

 According to the Independent of London:

Nikki Haley, the former envoy to the UN, has slammed ABC's The View host Sunny Hostin as a "racist" for suggesting she is hiding her Indian ethnicity by not using her real first name.

Describing her as a "chameleon", Hostin took a potshot at Ms Haley when political commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin said she was an "incredibly effective governor in South Carolina" over her potential 2024 presidential run.

"There are some of us that can be chameleons and decide not to embrace our ethnicities so that we can pass, so that we don't have to go by..." Hostin said on Tuesday's edition of the daytime political talk show, asking her real name.

Apparently, Hostin believed that Haley should be using her first given name, Nimrata, not her middle name, which is Nikki, and which, yes, is her name, and which, yes, is a bona fide Indian name.  She's used "Nikki" all her life, but Hostin thinks she should be using the name "Nimrata," instead, presumably since it's more "ethnic"-sounding, and from there better claim victim status.

Maybe Haley doesn't want to do that, but to leftists, this isn't about the identity she wants.  She's to be an oppressed minority with an uncommon name, or else.

Haley exposed the haggish hypocrite with a single tweet:

According to legal scholar Jonathan Turley, it's not the first time Haley's had to defend her name from leftists who want her to use another.  Leftists are convinced they have the right to busybody people on the names they can use.

First, let's state the obvious: people have the right to choose the name they'd like to go by.  That can include a middle name on their birth certificate, and it can be a wholly unrelated name.  It can be a derivative, such as "Sunny" over "Asunción," which is Hostin's real name, or it can be something else.  It's a matter of basic respect.

But this leftist quest for "ethnic-ness," this desire to make every Calypso Louie into a Louis Farrakhan, or every Jerry Rivers into a Geraldo Rivera, goes only so far.  Recall the stink that leftists made when some conservatives insisted on calling Barack Obama "Barack Hussein Obama."  Back when Obama was seeking votes, ethnicness was suddenly not a leftist virtue.

Haley puts her finger well on what the problem is:

What we really see here in this use of a middle name from Haley is probably something huge numbers of Americans do, which is assimilate their names into a more easily recognized name and spelling.  To claim that people with Asian or African or Hispanic names are the only ones doing it (and they're doing it wrong, according to the left) is nonsense.  My own last name, "Showalter," is an Anglicized version of the original Swiss-German name, which was either "city councilman" or "pretty forest," with that "Sh" beginning not a German thang.  While we are at it, note that the British royal family has partaken in this practice, too, shortening one of their family names from "Battenberg" to "Mountbatten" to detract from the German origins and then just tossing the matter and calling themselves "Windsor."

Whether Nikki Haley goes by "Nikki Haley" or "Nimrata Haley" makes no difference to Republicans — we would like her either way.  Hostin apparently wanted her to go by the less common name "Nimrata" on principle, in a not so disguised bid to damp her political career and make her appear to be "exotic," which is old hat stuff, given our exposure to people with unusual names.  What that was was a non-subtle way of calling Republicans racist.

That scheme, though, went out the window when Haley declared Hostin and her name-busybodying the "racist."

There's no arguing with that, and now once again, a View host has egg all over her face, looking very, very, stupid.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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