'Cruelty' is trending, but you'll never guess why

As of yesterday afternoon, the word "cruelty" was trending on Twitter (the tech company applies a 24-hour metric for determination), and there were almost 52,000 tweets that included the buzzword — yet I was unable to find anything that actually satisfied the definition.

Initially, you might have guessed there was an online discussion regarding the "cruelty" of  abortion methods, which often see preborn children drawn and quartered by surgical clamps or curettes, or perhaps the "cruelty" experienced by trafficked children at the hands of the Mexican cartels, or possibly even the "cruelty" of a tyrannical government shuttering small businesses and desecrating livelihoods and American citizens' hard-earned financial security.

But all those assumptions would have missed the mark completely.

No, Twitter was alight with angry leftists — though that's nothing out of the ordinary — but this time, it was because Ron DeSantis dumped around 50 illegal aliens in the elitist enclave of Martha's Vineyard.

Not sure I'd really consider a taxpayer-funded trip to Martha's Vineyard "cruelty" but regardless, DeSantis is clearly a monster.

With only a few dozen of the migrants in town, one altruistic resident said, "At some point in time, they have to move from here to somewhere else."  Watch the video below:

But that's not all!  Here are some of the more colorful remarks from the Twitter leftists:

Let's not mince words. What DeSantis and Abbott did wasn't a 'protest.' They treated desperate and vulnerable human beings with gleeful and nauseating cruelty.


The Desantis [sic] Martha's Vineyard stunt was a capricious act of cruelty built on a mountain of dehumanization.


This type of sadistic cruelty should scare Americans, if they will do something like this in full view, what are they doing that we can't see?

If you didn't know any better, you'd be completely justified in believing that these Twitter users were actually speaking out against abortion: "vulnerable human beings" being met with "gleeful" and "nauseating" barbarity, an "act of cruelty" atop "dehumanization" of momentous proportions, and the idea that openly flaunted "sadistic cruelty" may indeed be hiding an even more disturbing reality behind closed doors.

Then there was this little gem:

How can a human "migrant" be anything other than a person?  And doesn't the term "migrant" imply the idea that a person is seeking better economic opportunities?  Which Mr. Walker declares is true of this young man from Central America? It's all so confusing...

The meltdowns and emotional outbursts displayed profound irony.  By shipping migrants to Democrat bastions, DeSantis only did exactly what Democrats have done for years to small-town America.  Did Dearborn succumb to Islamist authoritarianism because the Michigan Midwesterners converted to Islam?  Not quite.  Rather, Obama and his operatives shipped hordes of third-world migrants to the previously conservative haven — predominantly Muslim populations who collectively lacked all desire to assimilate to the American way.

Another group of community organizers (for lack of a better word), united under the banner of "activism," conveniently, and suddenly decided that  compliance with immigration law was paramount:

So how can they possibly be upset without parading their massive hypocrisy?

Spoiler alert: They can't — and removed from the very real tragedy that defines illegal immigration and open borders, the leftist hysteria and hypocrisy is quite glorious to see.

Image: Free image from Pixabay.

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