Avoiding civil war

There's so much tension in the air these days.  Will political disagreements devolve into open conflict, or can Americans find a middle road?  We're a very diverse nation with very diverse philosophies about what government should do.

No one is ever a victim of anything but his own choices.  We have the power to change our future.  Many people want to ascribe their circumstances to anything but their own choices.  Personal responsibility is unacceptable to them, but it is the hallmark of an adult.  It is my choice how I react.  God gave us free will. 

Dealing with unresolved hurt and restlessness by funneling them into politics makes for a very angry person.  It's not so much the left that makes people angry and emotional as it's emotional and angry people who gravitate towards the left.  A false narrative gets them angry and when confronted with facts they get even more angry.

Leftists need to learn that without researching the things they believe, there's a good chance they don't know what they're talking about.  Critical thinking and avoiding lazy indulgence in groupthink will improve their attitudes and might even make them better leftists.

Just because someone has different values, that does not make him evil.  He may be uninformed, but he is still a fellow American.

If enough of us become responsible adults, we can lessen the chances of open conflict.

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