Another hysterical leftist has a fit about 'Christian nationalism'

A new meme has emerged from leftists concerning conservatives: if conservatives are Christian, and especially if they support Trump, they are automatically Christian nationalists.  This false narrative amounts to persecution of evangelical Christians.

Just this week, The Denver Post published an editorial masquerading as a news story that smeared Congresswoman Lauren Boebert as a "dangerous Christian nationalist."  Not until the eleventh paragraph in the story did Conrad Swanson, the reporter, mention that Boebert's representative said that Boebert does not consider herself a Christian nationalist. 

Seems Swanson had a narrative to feed first.

The headline on the story read, "Lauren Boebert is part of a dangerous religious movement that threatens democracy, experts say." 

The story includes statements from so-called experts on sociology and religion who have a problem with Boebert's religion and expressed concern about Christian nationalism.  However, most of the experts were sociologists and all seemed to be leftists.  No balance in the story.  Also, it is an old journalistic trick to hide your opinion behind quotes from experts.

The main point of the story is disproven right away, something Swanson, who seems to be threatened by Christianity, doesn't appear to understand.  He reported that Rep. Boebert wants Christians to take their place in Christ and influence the nation.  Influence?  Doesn't seem too dangerous.

By contrast, those whose religion is wokeism or secular humanism or Marxism were behind the over 500 riots in American cities in the summer of 2020.  They pushed and perpetrated actual violence.  People died.  Businesses were burned to the ground.

Swanson seems frightened that Rep. Boebert was found speaking at the Truth & Liberty Conference in Woodland Park, as if she had been at a Klan rally or something.  It scares his experts that the congresswoman is one of those Christians who believe that Jesus will be returning.  Hate to tell Swanson, but this is a core belief of Christianity.

Swanson's article also asserts that this is a very white religious movement.

My husband and I attended the Truth & Liberty Conference in Woodland Park.  At one lunch, we sat with two black individuals.  We spoke with Hispanic and Asian attendees, too.  Colorado demographics are not that diverse; I think we all know that.  I found Boebert's speech remarkable and uplifting.

Did Swanson have something to prove?  Seems so.  He was fear-mongering for sure.

Now, maybe he would just like to ban Christians from the public square.  Okay, but we can bet that he would claim the right to speak anywhere and everywhere about his religion or antipathy to religion.  In fact, he did that in his article.  Perhaps he just doesn't want Christians to be vocal in the public square.

Most of the speakers at the conference would say, too bad.  They are leading Christians who are not backing down from the public square anymore and being politely quiet.  And some truths were reinforced at the conference: this nation was founded on faith yet included protections for all around matters of conscience.

First, the U.S. Constitution prohibits government from establishing a religion.  That includes Christianity and the religion of choice of government and media these days.  Government bureaucrats and technocrats and their partners in the media are working hard to establish wokeism, secular humanism, and atheism in America, but Christians also have a right to influence Americans.

Second, the U.S. Constitution prohibits government from interfering with Americans', including Christian Americans', free exercise of religion.  That includes free expression in the public square, such as at the Truth & Liberty Conference.

Personally, I appreciate that Boebert is a strong Christian who can represent us.  But let me give a little reassurance to those who are uncomfortable with her free exercise.

Christians believe that God gives every human being free will to choose whether to believe in Him or not.  Christians are called to take the same attitude.  In other words, Christians may try to influence others and even offer them an opportunity to receive Jesus, but they are to do that respectfully.  They must take no for an answer, even if they might keep praying for an individual in private.

Also, Christians are taught to respect the right of other human beings to choose a different way and to treat them with kindness, compassion, and love, whether they choose Christianity or some other religion or none, and not to be violent.

I've no doubt that Rep. Boebert will persevere in the face of this new false narrative, this persecution, against her and her faith.   As for me, I'm inspired to influence others to stand up for our Republic.  I expect I may also face persecution in the coming days, but that's okay; Christians always have been persecuted to some degree.

C.S. Boddie writes for Meadowlark Press, LLC.

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