Yes, Republicans can take the Senate in November

Republican gains in the Senate are looking less rosy right now for a lot of reasons. The Turtle predicts that the GOP will not take the Senate this year because of "candidate quality."  What he really means is that he does not like the MAGA candidates because he cannot control them.  To assure "victory," Cocaine Mitch is pulling spending from several key states.  At the same time, Democrat donors from safe blue states are pouring money in to these same races at around a two-to-one ratio to crush the Republican nominee.  Of the 10 top-raising Senate candidates, six are Democrats in competitive races.  Two of the three Republicans in the top 10, Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) and Sen. John Kennedy (La.), aren't facing serious challenges.

In addition to fundraising, RINOS and conservatives alike are creating their own goals.  The GOP Senate has decided to run a Seinfeld campaign, proposing nothing, hoping that the bad Biden performance will drag down Democrats.  McConnell denounced Rick Scott's 11 Point Plan for America.  The plan's major elements range in popularity from 52% to 79% among voters.  Ben Shapiro, right on cue, already puts the loss on Trump and his supporters.  Ben Shapiro believes there was no voter fraud in 2020 and Georgia went from a solid red state to a blue state that votes in radical Marxist wife-abusers to the U.S. Senate in only four years.  On his Daily Wire podcast, August 29, he said, "Two things can be true at once: first, the FBI raid on Trump looks like a political hit; second, the more Republicans talk about Trump, the worse they do electorally."  Nonsense.

And don't get me started on the ridiculous polls design to demoralize conservatives into thinking they can't win, thus reducing donations and votes.  All I can say is that it happens every time, and nobody should fall for it.

Let's first look at the situation in a few key states.

In Georgia, Raphael Warnock has been the most successful Democrat, raising $20M.  At least the GOP Senate Leadership Fund plans to invest $37.1M in Georgia this cycle.  Warnock has some serious issues, including the fact that his income for 2021 doubled his previous, reaching $532,781 due to an advance on his upcoming memoir.  RCP currently has Warnock in a +4.4.  This is doable.  Walker might need some coaching, but people love him.

Arizona is a totally winnable race, although nutbar Mark Kelly has raised ten times Blake Masters's $5M.  So what does Turtle do?  Cancel PAC money to Blake Masters.  He has a great story and excellent positions.  He needs our help.

In Pennsylvania, it is a completely winnable race.  Oz is nearly on pace with Fetterman in fundraising.  Many conservatives do not like Oz and will not support him.  Get over it.  We need to hold our noses, donate, and get to the polls.  Fetterman is a leftist lunatic who was supported by Mommy and Daddy until he was 49.  Give me a break.  No-brainer.

So how do we get around the two major problems confronting the GOP senatorial candidates in tough states?

First, donate to these candidates.  I don't care about excuses like they are not from my state or they do not line up 100% with my views.  Nobody will.  I plan to donate $1,000 to all critical candidates.

Second, if Cocaine Mitch won't do it, these folks need something to hammer every day.  They might start by taking a look at the wildly popular Rick Scott 11-point plan that McConnell threw in the trash:

  • Setting term limits for members of Congress (79 percent)
  • Prioritizing domestic supply chains to reduce reliance on other countries (77 percent)
  • Prioritizing domestic energy sources to reduce reliance on other countries (77 percent)
  • Requiring voters to show voter ID to participate in elections (76 percent)
  • Advocating for the teaching of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools (66 percent)
  • Increasing funding for the police (65 percent)
  • Eliminating requirements to disclose race, ethnicity, or skin color on government forms (63 percent)
  • Promoting the idea that there are only two genders (52 percent)

We need to buck up and make this happen.

Image: cagdesign via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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