The globalists' secret, under-the-radar way to control everything in your life

It is unfortunate that the Weekend at Bernie's administration running the country today is not limited to a mere weekend.  The powers that be are not wasting time in the current four-year administration in case it turns out to be only a one-term opportunity.  The lesson learned in 2016 was not to depend upon a voting citizenry in national elections to advance a climate agenda.  The media and a nation unaware of Orwellian consequences will facilitate that end.  

The 2008 and 2012 elections gave politicians control over a massive governmental health economic resource, but they failed to gain control of a cap-and-trade resource.  Had they won that, it would have dwarfed the ACA for political revenue.  But we can rest assured cap-and-trade did not disappear.  It has returned not with the same name, nor even the same method of implementing it, but the ideology has been enhanced and is in the process of implementation.

In 2010, cap-and-trade needed congressional approval, and with the Chicago Climate Exchange having already been established and waiting in the wings, climate goals would have been implemented swiftly.  But that cap-and-trade effort failed, and the Chicago Climate Exchange was dissolved.

Along with the ACA, passed in 2010, the IRS was given economic powers to facilitate that revenue collection resource.  The number of IRS agents multiplied following the passage of the ACA.  The nation has been speculating upon the more recent exponential growth of the IRS, but much of that speculation is naïve.  It is the implementation of the climate agenda that failed in 2010.  Cap-and-trade failed because it allowed the climate agenda too much exposure.  Taking America into a worldwide climate web required another decade of hushed conspiracy, and it ceases to be a conspiracy theory when it becomes reality.  

It was naïve to think the Chicago Climate Exchange would be the Gores, Clintons, Obamas, and all their associates brokering the air over third-world countries so that industrialized nations could stay in business.  That may indeed be what they had in mind, but technology gives them so much more control today.  

Linking world digital currency control to the number of miles an individual is allowed to drive in a year is only small potatoes compared to the future of government control over everyday life.  A digital monetary system implements the disappearance of our current monetary system.  Every purchase will be digital, and with that technology, maximum allowances will be dictated.

How many ounces of beef will I be allowed to purchase in a given time frame?  And if I want to exceed that limitation, I am guessing I will be allowed to purchase a vegan's beef allowance.  

Cap-and-trade by any other name is just as odorous.

Perhaps it is due to an apathetic citizenry that leftist politicians in power are allowed to move socialist agendas forward.  The other problem with that is that when their adversaries are in those positions of power from our political support, they embrace the status quo rather than exposing their corrupt predecessors and holding them accountable. is looking for a solution.  Soon, in 2026, America will be celebrating a 250th Anniversary.  The Quarternmillennial of the United States of America is a book written to begin a conversation about how to bring America back to a center political balance.

Image: lalabell68 via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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