What 'We The People' want in Election 2024

Trump has ordered a new paint job for his campaign plane. He gives no indication that he is done with politics; in fact, he is endorsing conservatives and campaigning for them. He has been unfairly impeached twice— and one of those involved being impeached after leaving office. His Democrat enemies and the Never-Trumpers had hoped that all their efforts, plus Nancy’s Disqualify Trump Committee (the January 6th Committee), would bury him. So far, he is still standing.

His presidential successor, who has also done all he can to eliminate Trump, has failed so far. One of the reasons this hounded man is still viable involves the fact that his successor, every hour of every day, is making James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson look better. In his race to be the worst president ever, Biden has taken an insurmountable lead.

Image: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0.

So far, his campaign slogan seems to be, “They did me dirty.” I acknowledge that the Democrats and their allies did the whole world dirty by dividing and isolating us, but that is not going to get him back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He must make the election of 2024 about giving WE THE PEOPLE some hope.

If Trump wants to do in the early 21st century what Grover Cleveland did in the 19th, he needs a message of hope to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. WE THE PEOPLE

  • want law and order because we believe the first job of the federal government is to protect the citizens and their property.
  • want vastly increased domestic production of gasoline, diesel, and food by eliminating irrational impediments to increasing supply.
  • want an end to Washington’s ruinous practices that weaken the dollar and cause relentless inflation.
  • want Washington to stop adding to America’s almost-$31 trillion national debt. Our politicians must spend only within the tight constraints of an annually balanced budget.
  • want a sensible and controlled immigration system, with an absolute end to illegal entries.
  • want a Marshall Plan for American families that will incentivize traditional marriage.
  • want to restore love of America in K-12 and college education.
  • want an honest, transparent, one-day election and reliable voting, including the use of Voter ID.
  • want world-class infrastructure (the world’s best airports, highways, bridges, and water treatment systems).
  • want more products made for Americans by Americans.
  • want sound, practical, effective measures to protect the world’s environment
  • want politicians serving us and only us.

It took something sinister called THE GREAT RESET (TGR) to oust President Trump. TGR hurt the whole world, but we can only beat the architects of TGR when we wrest the levers of power from them. The dividers want us to stay divided so they can control us. Here’s hoping that 2024 shows them how strong WE THE PEOPLE are.

Ned Cosby, a regular contributor to American Thinker, is a pastor, veteran Coast Guard officer, and a retired public high school teacher. His new novel OUTCRY is a love story exposing the refusal of Christian leaders to report and discipline clergy who sexually abuse our young people. This work of fiction addresses crimes that are all too real. Cosby has also written RECOLLECTIONS FROM MY FATHER’S HOUSE, tracing his own odyssey from 1954 to the present. For more info, visit Ned Cosby.

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