Trump is running

Within hours of the FBI having raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, Trump's Truth Social account posted a video that's absolutely magnificent.  It's also manifestly a campaign video.  I'm betting it was prepared for a formal announcement from Trump that he was running, but it was apparent to everyone that it needed to be published immediately.

Why is the video magnificent?  Because in words that are elegant, articulate, and powerful, Trump diagnoses the myriad and incredibly damaging political wrongs the Biden administration has committed against America.  As Trump speaks, black-and-white photos and videos provide graphic evidence of the harm we've suffered because of Biden's policies.

But then, after two thirds of the video have passed, when you're feeling deep despair, Trump turns around and says that America, no matter how low it's been brought, can turn around.  That greatness is built into America and her people.  The implication, although he doesn't say so, is that the man who will guide this American renaissance is Donald Trump himself.  If that's not a campaign video, I don't know what is:

So the big question after watching this video is whether Trump should run.  We have two essays running today arguing that Trump should indeed run: (1) Donald Trump Must Be The 2024 Republican Nominee, by Ted Noel, and (2) History is calling Donald Trump, by M.B. Mathews.  If you haven't yet read them, I highly recommend that you do so.

I side with those authors.  At this point, the only antidote to what's been going on is Donald Trump.  The American people must push back against the Democrats, the Deep State, the NeverTrumps, the RINOs, and the media.  Pushing back doesn't mean that we say, "Well, heck, they'll never let Trump run, so let's choose Candidate X."  That's giving in, no matter how good Candidate X is.  Pushing back means making them lose at every level — and Trump's winning means they're losing with agonizing defeat.

Also, as Ted Noel points out, Trump will come into office loaded for bear.  That's exactly what needs to be done.

Trump tried to be nice in 2016 by ignoring Hillary's myriad unquestioned crimes.  In that regard, Trump was following America's political norms: an incoming presidential administration does not use the criminal justice system against the outgoing administration.  That policy ensures peaceful transitions, and there's also an element of "in four or eight years, that could be me."

The Democrats have exploded those norms.  They've brought in new, dishonest rules, and those new rules mean that it's time to put game theory into play.

Image: Donald Trump.  Rumble screen grab.

As I understand it, game theory says that, when your opponent changes the rules by cheating, you don't slink away, and you definitely don't continue to play the gentleman.  Instead, you hit them back, not twice as hard, but 30 times as hard with their own new rules.  Then, when they're lying on the ground, beaten and bloodied, you can negotiate new, fair rules with them (including a return to the old, fair rules).  Can you think of anyone better than Trump at the game of "hit them back 30 times as hard"?

We're in a brave new era, and Trump's temperament, unbound by norms and civility, is needed to restore us to our wonderful old era of a constitutional government.  I am a huge Ron DeSantis fan and like him more each day.  I want him to continue to prove himself in Florida and guide other governors across America.  And I hope to see him 2028.  I might not have said that two days ago, but times have changed, and this is Trump's moment. 

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