History is calling Donald Trump

By now, everyone knows that Monday night, Mar-a-Lago, President Trump's home, was raided by dozens of FBI agents on the flimsiest of pretexts — an ostensible search for alleged classified documents Trump or his staff allegedly took from the White House.

It's all a lie.  The globalist communist left, foreign and domestic, do not want Trump to run in 2024 because he will win.  And if he wins, their agenda flatlines.  It is that simple.  And that dangerous.

As of Monday night, Trump may stand astride history as the last president who presided over a free America.

With the Biden administration, the FBI, and the DOJ now thoroughly corrupted by money and a crazed lust for power, we can no longer rely upon the Founders' brilliant power structure of checks and balances.

The seesaw bends toward injustice with Donald J. Trump as fulcrum.

In their desperation to destroy one of the best presidents America has ever had, the left and the Democrat party are in the process of destroying American prosperity.

Trump's policies helped every American in the country except those who refused to be helped.  He showed how it is done, which revealed decades of Democrat incompetence, corruption, and outright deception.  Democrats were, and still are, telling America that Republicans are the source of their economic and cultural woes.  But with Trump, we saw the truth because his policies worked, and that scared the living crap out of the enviro-globalists.  It was only then that many could easily see that it was Democrats, not Republicans, who kept everyone on the plantation, slaves to the alphabet tyrants in the IRS, the EPA, the DOJ, the FBI, and the media, to name just a few.

Biden & Co. continue to perpetuate the lie.  The left hated that they were exposed, and they decided to take Trump out.  They tried by any means necessary: RussiaGate, impeachments, January 6, many legal machinations, a questionable election, and media persecution.

Hot on the heels of the phony ToiletGate story, the left broke out their hellfire missiles Monday night with this egregious raid on Mar-a-Lago.  It was their opening salvo in a vicious new war that will decimate this nation if it is allowed to stand unchallenged by liberty-loving people, who are only more enraged and charged up than they were on Monday morning.

People of conscience and people on the left for whom the rule of law still matters, people who know injustice when they see it, are called upon to resist the seductive siren call of this marauding mob of monstrous swamp things.  Resist the desire to be a part of the very things that will sink this nation as a nation under God, a free country where the truly oppressed come to be free.  America is the final frontier on this planet.  There is nowhere else to go for freedom.  Where do they go if America goes Venezuela?  Where do we go?

The FBI's actions against Trump, with the DOJ's imprimatur, are the most formidable sticks of legalized dynamite so far laid to the foundation that supports this nation as a freedom-loving country.  Trump stands at a historical crossroads with the pull of tyranny on one side and the pull of liberty on the other.  He is the symbol of a living compass deciding if America points toward a free nation or a tyrannical one.  True north is the will of the American people.

Trump, a wounded warrior in service for the American dream, will be seen as the man who changed the course of American history by attempting to drain the fetid, odiferous swamp.  America stands or falls on whether or not Trump's banner of a great America is taken up by passionate patriot foot soldiers and allowed to fly free.

Or not.

Image: Polina Zimmerman via Pexels, CC0 free download.

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