The Russian example

The United States is looking a lot like a Russian rerun from the '90s.  And it's not a sitcom.

I'm reading David Satter's The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep: Russia's Road to Terror and Dictatorship under Yeltsin and Putin.  It's eerie, the number of parallels, not exact, but far too close for comfort, between us and the 1990s Russians.

Yeltsin (and then Putin) were arrogant and in your face about their big-footed fascism.  Sound familiar?

After two national elections, both massively rigged with millions of counterfeit ballots, everyone admitted that it all had been fraudulent.  Sound familiar?  Even the out-of-power communist party said aloud that it would not challenge the results because to challenge would give the thugs in power the excuse to roll tanks and guns into the streets and kill them.

Sound a little like the fear motivating today's RINOs?  Were Russians scared for no reason?  Are our RINOs?

Yeltsin sounds as though he was afflicted with whatever's killing Slow Joe Biden.  His deteriorating health, which sounds a lot like Joe's symptoms, forced Yeltsin to turn the country over to his daughter, who already had run up $600,000 on her government credit cards (he had neutered the parliament).  At least Hunter's not gonna get the reins in D.C., although he's already surpassed Yeltsin's daughter in booty.

Failing health forced Yeltsin to leave office before his term was up.  Hm.

As soon as Putin took over by winning the election on the strength of trying to "put down the Chechen unrest" (which was sparked by a false flag that Putin's gang was responsible for), he pardoned Yeltsin for anything he may have ever done, anywhere, anytime.

Do you think Kamala will pardon Joe in return for getting the White House?

From the book: "The criminality of the Yeltsin period engendered a hunger for order, which, in the absence of moral content, led to banditry in the guise of a state."

Banditry in the guise of a state.  Hm.  Sound familiar?

The Russians came to this pathetic condition after their communist government imploded.  Having been cleansed by indoctrination in schools, government, and media of any understanding of godly morality, they engaged in a free-for-all, absent the rule of law.  What the government owned (which was everything) was doled out to those bold enough and strong enough to demand they get it.  Oligarchy was born.

The U.S. is approaching it from a different angle.  But our constitutional government and its rule of law are certainly being crushed.  Do enough Americans retain enough godly morality to prevent all the assets from being redistributed for "equity's" and "reparations'" and "inclusiveness's" sake?

How many billions did Biden move this week from the pockets of those to whom it was owed to the pockets of those who owed it?  Seems to me an awful lot like Yeltsin and Putin.  And without a single vote being cast, just like in Russia.

Granted, it took Russians 74 years to be cleansed of their Christian morality.  But have you looked around here lately?

Mark Landsbaum is a Christian retired journalist, former investigative reporter, editorial writer, and columnist.  He also is a husband, father, grandfather, and Dodgers fan.  He can be reached at

Image: Russian Presidential Press and Information Office.

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