Joe Biden at The Office

Scranton, Pennsylvania lies in the undulating Lackawanna Valley, sandwiched between the Endless Mountains on the west and the Poconos to the east.  At the intro of each episode of the TV sitcom The Office, the video takes you on a windshield tour into the city from those eastern hills on a spur off the Interstate once called the Central Scranton Expressway.

Now the Electric City (it had America's first electrified streetcars in 1886 and was almost the first with electric lights in 1880) has renamed that road the President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Expressway.

Now, we can't fault a city for naming its roads, bridges, buildings, and parks after its celebrity native sons, even if some of them were not people of significant accomplishment or of noble character.  But it is a proper, if maybe unintentional association that the city council should name the road that leads to the incompetent TV buffoons at the Dunder-Mifflin Office for the man who leads and shares the incompetent buffoonery that currently constitutes the United States government.

For every member of that TV cast of incompetents, there is a real-life match occupying the top positions of the Biden administration.  Start off with Joe, the Big Man who runs the country, and you see the clueless and inept manager Michael Scott.  Dorky Dwight, Michael's second-in-command, finds his peer in Veep Kamala Harris, except for his better communication skills.

You can match for yourself the rest of the cast to the other knaves of the Biden kakistocracy — Buttigieg, Mayorkas, Garland, Blinken, Austin, Yellen, Granholm, Jean-Pierre.  But remember this: the incompetents on The Office are actors playing a part.  The Biden cabal are real people in really important jobs.

There is no objective analysis or countering metric that can deny that Biden and his cohort are the worst presidency in modern, and maybe all, American history.  In less than two years, their only "achievement" is to bring to fruition Obama's mission, "fundamentally changing the United States of America," but horribly not for the better. 

Once great government institutions — the FBI, DoJ, CIA — are now political weapons against opponents.  Unserviceable debt and rampant inflation portend economic doom.  American heroes, history and culture are disgraced and slandered.  Constitutional rights are trampled.  Religion and its practitioners are shunned.  A military at pre–World War II numbers with pre–Gulf War equipment is a wokeness laboratory.  Foreign enemies are kowtowed to.  Open borders allow a nation-changing invasion.  A once free press and patriotic entertainment business become a Democrat propaganda arm that would make a Riefenstahl or Goebbels envious.  Laws are edicts bypassing legislatures.  Grammar and science are restructured so that a man is a woman, a she is a they, and binary XY chromosomes have fifty variants.  Heavy snow and record cold are a creation of global warming.  Maids and plumbers are taxed to fund the Harvard tuitions of the Democrat elites.  Electricity from an unknown source magically comes out of the wall.  And votes by the millions appear through some inexplicable electoral genesis.

Even Michael and his minions at The Office could not hope to match the failings and foibles of the Biden Office.  Life imitates, or in this case, far exceeds art.

Again, Scranton can celebrate its native son, even one who actually bugged out as a ten-year-old for greener pastures once the city started on its long decline.  But maybe the city's non-birthing adults ("fathers" now being a proscribed microaggression) could have picked a more suitable road when it awarded this honor.

Nearby and parallel to the Central — sorry, Biden — Expressway is Moosic Street, the highway that preceded the expressway as the eastern entry down the hill into Scranton, Pennsylvania.  It would have been a much more appropriate selection for renaming.  It was made famous by the late balladeer Harry Chapin with his song "30,000 Pounds of Bananas."  That song humorously memorialized a recurrent tragedy of runaway trucks, that one sadly dooming the driver and dumping fifteen squished tons of bananas on the Scranton street.  Unlike The Office, a comedy, but like the song, a tragedy, the Biden administration is a runaway truck whose journey over its four years will be the accelerating decline and crash of a once great country.  And what a mess it will leave.

Quoting that poor driver's lyrics, maybe we too should pray, "God, make it a dream!"

But it's not.

William Campenni is a retired engineer and Air Force fighter pilot.  He was born, raised, and educated in the Scranton area, where Joe Biden's departure significantly increased the average I.Q., along with integrity and honesty.

Image: Doug Kerr.

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