The midterms: Watch out!

In about two months as of this writing, the vast majority of rank and file Americans eagerly anticipate having the opportunity to finally start the process of righting the path of our dangerously out-of-control ship of state.  Conservative commentators and some Republican political leaders (other than the RINOs) talk endlessly of a huge "red wave" that, in the words of one observer, will "destroy the Democratic Party as a national institution".

Polling data, conventional wisdom, and the horrendous performance of the Biden regime along with their lackeys in Congress — all point to such an outcome.  But is that what is really in store for America?

To begin with, looking at the many irregularities that have been seen even in the recent primary season, it should now be clear that we have a long way to go until we can realistically expect genuinely free and fair elections.  While substantial progress has been made in many parts of the country, many others are still plagued with crooked secretaries of state and highly dubious electronic voting systems.  If the midterms do in fact take place, while Republicans might very well take back both houses of Congress, given what fraud will still likely occur, our margin of victory will probably be underwhelming.  In the current circumstances, I submit that it would be downright foolish to expect much more than that.

Note the phrase in the paragraph above, if the midterms do in fact take place.  We need to be prepared for the distinct possibility that they will not.

What will it mean if even a bare-majority Republican Congress is seated in January of 2023?  First, it means that there will be a much larger contingent of MAGA Republicans in the mold of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene.  There will be at least a dozen, or perhaps even dozens; this will be a powerful political force.  It will mean a new speaker of the House and a new Senate majority leader, also quite possibly MAGA, who will set an entirely new legislative agenda.  It will mean almost immediate impeachment hearings for Biden, as well as other officials, such as A.G. Garland.  It will mean additional hearings and investigations into all manner of corruption on the part of the Regime (e.g., what really happened on January 6, 2021?).  The IRA could very well be repealed, and even if it isn't due to a presidential veto, any remaining aspect of Biden's agenda not signed into law by January will be consigned to the trash heap. 

Most dangerously for the Regime, if they have not found a way to stop Trump from running in '24 by the time a new Republican Congress is seated four months from now, their chances of stopping him are all but nonexistent short of assassination.  And even if they do stop him, the MAGA movement he started will only grow stronger; a President DeSantis taking office in January of '25 would be every bit as dangerous to the Regime as a President Trump, perhaps even more so.

In short, the Regime simply cannot afford to lose Congress.  This is a matter of existential importance to them; many of their top leaders will face not only the loss of political power, but quite likely even long prison sentences or worse if they are ultimately held accountable.  So if their internal polling is telling them in the coming weeks that they cannot "fraud" their way out of losing Congress, that voter sentiment against them is simply too strong to overcome with what fraud apparatus they have left, what might they do to avoid defeat?

The extent to which the Biden Crime Family — along with many other Democratic leaders and RINO Republicans — is compromised by the CCP is well known.  Many reports have been emanating from the Far East that the PRC is making serious preparations for war.  Additionally, October is traditionally the most favorable month in terms of seasonal weather conditions in the waters surrounding Taiwan, such as would be necessary to carry out an invasion of the island.  What is more, unlike what had been the case in Ukraine, where the U.S. had no treaty obligations, the U.S. has made very specific commitments to Taiwan; the island is genuinely a vital strategic interest for the U.S.  The PRC knows that if it attacks Taiwan, it will also be confronting the U.S.  So it only logically follows that a PRC attack on Taiwan will be accompanied by a simultaneous assault on the U.S. in some form in order to frustrate our abilities to intervene on Taiwan's behalf.

A PRC attack on the U.S. in conjunction with an invasion of Taiwan might not be by traditional military means such as missile attacks, etc.  It could very well involve cyber-warfare attacks on our infrastructure, our power grid, our communications.  If such a crisis were to erupt just before the elections, there would be little time to recover from these disruptions, such that this emergency could easily serve as a pretext to postpone the elections indefinitely, or even dissolve Congress and establish full on rule by decree on the part of the Regime.  It would not surprise this writer at all if the Regime actively coordinated this crisis with the PRC.

Hopefully, if this dark scenario unfolds as described above, what patriotic elements remain of our national security establishment will act to stop these traitors and finally re-establish the Rule of Law and our Constitutional Republic.  If not, we may well be on the precipice of losing our country for decades to come, as the world enters a Communist Chinese-led Dark Ages 2.0.

All of us must pray for deliverance, at the earliest possible moment, from these criminal usurpers.

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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