The left’s gender madness leaves us completely untethered from reality

Lately, conservatives (me included) have become highly focused on so-called “transgender” madness. Part of it is because we’re witnessing leftists aggressively try to sever children’s relationship to their bodies’ reality through schools, books, and entertainment, and partially because the medical establishment is equally aggressively pushing highly profitable toxic hormones and mutilating surgery on young people. But a lot of what is getting conservatives upset is the fact that a society that is untethered from reality cannot survive. Pretending that human biology does not exist is the path to madness and existential destruction.

Even Japan is struggling to deal with the madness, although it’s trying to draw bright lines that have some relationship to reality. It turns out that, in Japan, where same-sex marriage is illegal, if someone wants to identify as the opposite of their biological sex, they need to go the full route of surgery (and, presumably, chemicals) before being allowed to make a legal change to their sex.

What this means is that, as a man, you can’t merely say “I am a woman,” while being a fully equipped male. If you want to say, “I am a woman" in Japan, you’ve got to cut it all off. You’re still a man, but at least you sort of look like a woman.

Image: Human sperm (which only men produce) by Aleksei Makarov Dmitrievich. CC BY 4.0.

So, what happens when a man saves his sperm before castrating himself (whether chemically or via surgery), and then, because he’s still heterosexual, uses that frozen sperm to conceive two children with his female partner? (Yes, that’s confusing too because I can’t figure out if that means the female partner is heterosexual or a lesbian.)

One Japanese court has held that, once a man legally changes his sexual identification to woman, he’s no longer capable of fathering children. Even if the sperm came from the scrotum he once possessed, he’s not the daddy (or the mommy).

All of this, of course, is ridiculous. The anonymous man, despite castrating himself, is the children’s father. But now, thanks to Japan’s effort to deal with gender lunacy, he has no relationship to the children at all, despite 50% of both children’s DNA belonging to him.

The Daily Mail report on this Japanese attempt to deal with modern gender delusions is noteworthy, not just for its substance, but for the incomprehensible writing that gender madness produces. The Daily Mail eschews the use of “he,” “she,” “him,” or “her” lest it “misgender” someone—and “misgendering” is entirely possible when you have a man so mentally ill he cuts off his penis, something that’s usually viewed as an unbelievably cruel punishment.

That sensitivity on the Daily Mail’s part is how you end up with this headline: “Japanese transgender woman who froze their sperm when they were a man cannot be recognised as the legal parent of the child they helped produce, Tokyo high court rules.”

That’s all gibberish. There is no such thing as a “transgender woman” because people cannot cross-over from one biological sex to another. All that a man can do is make cosmetic changes to mimic a woman. A woman cannot have sperm. A man is not a “they” or “their.”

Translated into sanity, the headline is “Japanese man who froze his sperm before castrating himself and pretending to be a woman cannot be a child’s legal parent, despite his sperm fathering the child.”

The truth shall set you free—and the lies our modern world is telling itself will surely destroy us. 

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