The lamentations of an America laid low


Lonely sits the city
Once great with people!
She that was great among nations
Is become like a widow;
The princess among states
Is become a thrall.

Bitterly she weeps in the night,
Her cheek wet with tears.

There is none to comfort her
Of all her friends.
All her allies have betrayed her;
They have become her foes ...

For these things do I weep,
My eyes flow with tears:
Far from me is any comforter
Who might revive my spirit;

My children are forlorn
For the foe has prevailed ...

—Lamentations (586 BCE), Jewish Publication Society (JPS), 1985

Lamentations represents a collection of regrets for Jewish wrongdoing that was so egregious that it forced God, in wrath, to destroy Jerusalem.  Its authorship has not been established; many scholars believe that it was compiled by different anonymous poets and subsequently merged into a single book.

One wonders, can this happen in America?

Historians and sociologists agree that the primary duty of any government is to protect its citizens.  Yet, from within and outside America, enemies are attacking the populace.  Biden and the Democrats have abandoned any notion of citizen safety by allowing large masses of unvetted illegal aliens to scurry, swim, and arrogantly sashay across what was once our southern border.  "Southern Border" is now an oxymoron, as documented video shows masses of mostly single male adults entering with impunity, while other videos frustratingly reflect border guards opening gates to let the intruders in.  Some even march across with great chutzpah, waving their home flags.  No other country in the world permits such invasive behavior. 

Along with guarding and maintaining one's borders, citizen protection commands that we be safe in our homes and on our streets.  Hah.  Many U.S. city centers are phantoms of their former selves, with empty storefronts and soaring crime rates.  Once great inner-city centers such as Seattle, Minnesota, Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, to cite a few, are shells of their former selves.  Once vibrant and teeming with businesspeople, shoppers, and folks lured to their magnificent cultural structures, these cities are riddled with crime: murders, carjackings, random brutal physical assaults, shoot-outs, and flagrant swarm-shoplifting have replaced civil society.  The once "safe" suburban areas, outside the metropolitan behemoths, are increasingly affected by crime as well.

This brutal transformation has been facilitated by insane social "reforms," instituted by corrupt, immoral Democrat political persons of power.  In a few short years, the Democrats' mindless focus, on the perp rather than the victim of crime, has led to dangerous policies such as cashless bail, releasing violent criminals from jail, defunding the police, and slashing inner-city police forces.  The fatal consequences were readily foreseen but brazenly ignored.

Concomitant with the purposeful breaking of societal foundational norms, President Biden eviscerated economic growth and prosperity.  On day one of his presidency, he shut down the Keystone Pipeline and banned drilling for oil on public lands.  Gas prices rose immediately and are almost double from those on the day President Trump left office.  Consequently, all transportation costs rose, and food prices did, too.  Conservative estimates put the inflation rate at 8.6%, with a cost for food and gas at an average $450.00 monthly increase.  Yet Biden insists there is no inflation.

Even a simpleton could conclude that the destruction of America's middle class is the subtext of these destructive policies.  Biden and the Democrats recently passed an "anti-inflation" bill, the highlight of which is to spend billions hiring thousands of new IRS agents to go after the middle class, or those earning $400,000 or less.

The once anticipated red wave is no longer a certainty.  In fact, cracks have already appeared.  While the upcoming November elections should have been focused on crime, the border, and the economy, Democrats are intent on making abortion their main election issue, hoping to capitalize on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade this year.

Can sanity and patriotism prevail?  Or will America keep crying?

Image: Eric Fischer via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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