Shut down the green agenda and go nuclear

Nuclear energy.

The very words conjure up images of nuclear disasters.  Three-Mile Island, Fukushima, and Chernobyl immediately come to mind.  After Chernobyl, the very thought of using nuclear energy on a large scale in America faded away.  What an awful mistake it was to discard nuclear power as a serious energy source. 

The green agenda is what the American left is banking on as yet another means to control Americans and degrade their lifestyles in furtherance of their imaginary socialist Utopia.  It does not include nuclear energy.  As of 2022, only 19% of America's power comes from nuclear reactors.  That needs to change.  America needs more, not less, nuclear energy.  Many of our reactors will be decommissioned, and that should not happen unless they are structurally unsound.

From CNBC:

Nuclear power generation does not release any greenhouse gasses and is categorized as "clean" energy by the U.S Department of Energy. The United States is spending billions of dollars on nuclear power plants that are losing money because it needs that emission-free energy to meet decarbonization goals. Nuclear power plants generate 19% of the electricity in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. (Sixty-one percent comes from fossil fuels and 20% comes from renewables.)

So you see, even when nuclear energy is shown to be clean, the left wants nuclear plants to be closed down for not meeting "decarbonization goals."  

But is that the real reason?  How can we use nuclear power if it's regulated into ineffectiveness because some people believe that zero carbon emissions is possible without seriously degrading the American lifestyle? 

Maybe degrading the American lifestyle is exactly their goal; otherwise, why don't they ever mention nuclear power for our energy?

The leftist Great Resetters have clearly told us that they want us to "own nothing and be happy."  How do we "own nothing" unless someone takes what we do own away from us, which the left seem perfectly willing to do?  No air-conditioning except for Davos.  No air travel except for private luxury jets.  They will keep everything they own.  You?  Not so much.

Advanced modern European countries use significant nuclear energy, including Britain, Germany, and France, (at least until recently), with others building advanced nuclear reactors.  Nuclear is cheap, and it's clean.  What's not to like?  Do we ground airplanes because there were some crashes or because their emissions are horrible?  Do we close hospitals because epidemics rage on occasion?  Did we shut down meat-packing plants because the occasional contamination happens?  Do we close highways because tractor-trailer accidents kill dozens of people at a time?

Why take a perfectly good, easily implemented, cheap method of energy and shut it down forever?

Or maybe this anti-nuclear attitude is not about providing cheap, clean energy, but rather is yet another means to control the population.  The left rely upon fearful Americans remembering Chernobyl as a way to avoid talking about nuclear energy at all, because if nuclear energy is put into wider use in America, the left will lose their green climate agenda, the very thing they are relying upon to control American lives. 

Decades ago, Rush Limbaugh warned that the left's "climate change" warriors would be the ones to subjugate the American populace through a green agenda: thermostats, food, cars, clothing, health care would all come under the "climate change" umbrella and would be the means by which we gave up our rights, willingly or unwillingly, to "save the planet."  He was, as usual, prescient.  Today, this is exactly what we are seeing.  Amid all the leftist rhetoric about "the planet" and "clean energy," you never hear them talk about nuclear.  Why is that?

Wakey-wakey, America — now is the time to go nuclear.  Congress, are you listening?  I propose that nuclear power be something the right examines as a paradigm shift in our thinking about how to get most of our cheap, clean energy.  Republicans need to stop accepting the leftist premise that the planet is on its last legs.

The left want green?  Give them green, as in "nuclear."

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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