Not now, not ever

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz made some interesting comments last August 17 on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

He said: "You can't eat your way skinny, you can't drink yourself sober, and you can't spend your way out of inflation, which is why every Democrat senator from Joe Manchin to Bernie Sanders is saying the 'Inflation Reduction Act' won't reduce inflation."

Gaetz said this in the context of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and what it actually does.

The behemoth Democrat tax-and-spend bill shells out three quarters of a trillion dollars that we don't have, and will have to print out and borrow, probably from China, on big government programs.

The bill finally passed because West Virginia senator Joe Manchin and Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema, supposedly "moderate" Democrats, fell into line, allowing Kamala Harris to cast the deciding vote.

The following day, Joe Biden interrupted his vacation to sign the bill into law.  The first pen used to sign the document was presented to Manchin.  It may turn out to be one of the most expensive gifts he has ever received, but not in a positive way.  That pricey souvenir pen may end up costing him his Senate seat in 2024.

To understand how that might happen, we must look at the provisions contained in this mislabeled act.

First and foremost, it increases the number of IRS agents by a whopping 87,000!  Since currently there are only 76,000 in that capacity, it more than doubles the number of people who will be able to sift through our federal tax forms, looking for errors or discrepancies.  These in turn will generate more revenue, both in payments and penalties.  Since these folks (many of them armed, by the way) won't work for free, it will significantly impact the already bloated federal budget.

We shouldn't worry about the effect that will have on the average citizen, because once again Biden assured us that no one earning less than $400,000 will pay "one penny more in taxes!"  If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale in New York City that I can give you a real good deal on.

Ronald Reagan once said: "The closest thing to eternal life on earth is a government program."  Boy, was he right about that!

You can also include in that comment a government agency or tax.  For example: "temporary" excise taxes on tires and telephone service put into effect during World War II are still in place nearly eighty years later.

The Department of Energy was established under Jimmy Carter to end our dependence on foreign oil.  Except for a brief period during the Trump administration, we are more dependent than ever.  Great job, DOE!

And how about the Environmental Protection Agency?  Do you remember when, during the Obama administration, it mandated the draining of a mine sludge pond in southern Colorado?  Although they had been warned of possible dangers, instead of pumping out and treating the polluted waters from the suspended Gold King Mine in Silverton, Colorado, the EPA contractor used heavy machinery, which breached the dam holding back the effluent, which then flowed into a tributary of the basically pristine Animas river, killing millions of fish and making the water unsafe for drinking or irrigation for months thereafter.  To the best of my knowledge, no one at the EPA was ever fired or held accountable for this ecological disaster.

How about the Department of Education?  Instead of making our public school system the envy of the world, it spends more time these days pressing for "transgender safe" bathrooms and placing tampon dispensers in boys' bathrooms to maintain "menstrual equity" with the girls.  "Woke" madness!  As of 2020, our schools were ranked tenth overall worldwide, but much lower in critical areas, such as science and math, as opposed to other countries.  Our DOE is continually cowed by the leadership of the NEA and other teachers' unions.  They are pushing for higher pay and shorter school years even as we continue to fall behind in world rankings.  And let's not forget the demand to teach Critical Race Theory and transgenderism to students as young as kindergarteners!  When parents complain vocally about these issues at school board meetings, our attorney general labels them "domestic terrorists" and sics the FBI on them as dangerous criminals.

Finally, we must consider the government-condoned racial assault against a significant portion of American society.  No, not blacks, Asians, Latinos, or Native Americans.  This is against Caucasians — whites, if you prefer.  An example of this behavior: The Minneapolis School System has reached an agreement with the teachers' union that mandates that all Caucasian teachers, regardless of seniority, must be laid off first, before any "person of color."  That they would even consider doing this tells you how far down we have fallen as a nation.  Do these idiots think whites will docilely sit back and have their lives destroyed?  It is almost as if the left is pushing for a race war between Caucasians and blacks.  Does anyone doubt what the outcome of such an action would be?

In Europe, prior to and during the Second World War, the Jewish population was devastated during the Holocaust because Jews couldn't conceive that a civilized society, which had previously existed in Germany, could do such a thing.  Six million deaths later, many of the survivors emigrated to Palestine and fought a bloody war to establish the modern state of Israel.  Their motto was, and is, "Never Again." 

Because of the inherent kindness and decency of a majority of the American people, the cancerous concept of "political correctness" has gradually influenced our actions and lives.  That has led us to the "woke" society we see today.  We are gradually losing our republic.  It has always stood for "liberty and justice for all."  Now it's "equity and inclusion for some."  The left gets to decide who they are.

The results of the election on November 8 will be a harbinger of things to come.  We may end up having to fight our own bloody war to get our country back from those who would destroy it.  Our motto must be "Not now, not ever!"

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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