Remember Mar-a-Lago

August 8, 2022 is another day that will live in infamy.

It was the day the FBI blew up its own reputation and America's rule of law.  The deed was done on orders of an über-wealthy little man with a grudge, Merrick Garland, attorney general for the United States, and with help from Christopher Wray, head of the Gestapofied FBI.  An oversized armed raiding party of American Stasi put their jobs ahead of doing the right thing — which would have been to refuse to do it.  They are without excuse.

For politics' sake, Garland and Wray and a petty magistrate judge in Florida jumped aboard the Let's Lynch Trump Again Train and joined the 6-year-long effort to destroy a former president of the United States, now a private citizen.

I am certain Garland and Wray and many NeverTrumps were hoping to demoralize Trump's devotees into not voting for him or supporting him. They also believed they sent a shot across the bow of anyone else who wants to work for Trump or support him.  "You will be next," the FBI move was supposed to convey.  The newly enhanced IRS is sending the same message.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the police state.  Americans everywhere, at all points on the political spectrum, got seriously pissed off.  "If they can do this to Trump, they can do it to me."

And now there's this:

And please, do not try to convince anyone with a modicum of intelligence that the FBI action does not represent the Democrat party: not a single congressional Democrat has come out against the heavy-handed storm-trooper tactics of this administration.  Please do not insult the American people further by saying that Biden knew nothing about the raid.  It is his White House.  His desk.  His buck.

Most importantly, if there were any fence-sitters in the Republican Party who weren't sure Trump should run, most have been yanked upright, poked too hard and once too often by this latest outrage.  They are rising up on their toes, arms in the air, fulminating and fuming because an organization that is supposed to stand for justice and the rule of law, the FBI, no longer does.  In fact, the FBI became the enemy.

Amid this chaos, Trump has grown larger and more formidable by virtue of being David to the police state's Goliath.

By their actions, the FBI, the DOJ, and the Biden administration (regardless of who is really running it), have riled America-first Trumpsters even more than during Russia Russia Russia, two impeachments, the hapless "walls are closing in" media avalanche, and the meat grinder election of 2020.

We conservatives of all colors and persuasions will wipe the floor with anti-Trump people in November, no matter where they are.  Unwittingly, the FBI, the DOJ, this administration, and the media have made Trump a sympathetic figure, an underdog.  The ill advised Melania closet raid makes both Trumps even more formidable.  Melania does not strike me as someone who suffers fools easily.

Perhaps the FBI, the DOJ, and Biden & Co. had no idea their Mar-a-Lago raid would galvanize American voters, many of them Democrats, as much as it did.  If they did not see this, it is even more unfathomable that they mistook the temperature of the nation as normal at the very time a fever of anti-leftist fervor is raging.  That miscalculation is good because it will make them even clumsier.  I will personally supply an extra banana peel.

The Mar-a-Lago raid is being compared with Ruby Ridge and Waco as it applies to heavy-handed government overreach.  It's worse.  What this raid reveals is the threat Trump poses to Democrat hopes of fundamentally remaking America in Obama's image.  For that reason alone, Trump looms larger than ever before.

To the FBI, the DOJ, and the Biden clown show: Kiss your already questionable reputation for credibility and truth goodbye.  You will lose.  Trump and America will win.  Again.  We are David.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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