Democrats have reason to fear Trump

The Democrats fear President Trump because he is the only person willing and able to stand up to the swamp in both parties, expose their greed and corruption, and put the people first.

It's clear that everyone hates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the entire leadership of the Democrat party.  Their economy is a disaster, their foreign policy is a disgrace, the J6 hearings are a boring kangaroo court, and there is no way of using their media to spin the facts to show otherwise. 

But they fear Trump.

Many are globalists.  These globalists know that the United States is the only country powerful enough to stop their own plans for world domination.  But their method of using "global warming" and "climate change" as the excuse to manipulate our country into submission is becoming an obvious sham.  

The Chinese have been working tirelessly for decades to weaken us from within.  But COVID and their blind aggression across the world have exposed their soullessness, and their manipulation of our internal politics is now plain for all to see. 

All three fear Trump so much that they'll do and say absolutely anything to stop him. 

The Republicans — not the pretend ones who've been enjoying being in power for so many years, but the true conservatives who have come out of the woodwork to run for elected office — have an excellent chance of not only winning the House, but also squeaking out a win in the Senate.  

The Democrats' only hope to win is to keep the elections close enough in November so that they can cheat their way to victory once again.  Their plan may just be to show the American people a new shiny object that will hold their attention long enough to make them forget about how horrible daily life has become.

And their latest shiny object is the raid on Mar-a-Lago. 

Nothing else has worked for them.  Blaming inflation on Vladimir Putin has fallen flat.  Trying to redefine "recession" is another of their failures.  Claiming that slightly lower gas prices is a victory is nonsense.  Pelosi's crazy trip to Taiwan hasn't helped their prospects.

Every attempt to change the subject falls flat. 

If the Democrats lose Congress, the few courageous Republicans out there have already lined up a battalion of whistle-blowers who will offer proof for every scandal the Democrats have perpetrated over the last ten years.  The Biden family corruption will be exposed.  New secretaries of state in the various fraud states will demand to release the real proof about the last election.  We need only one state to prove fraud, which will lead the other states to come forward as well.  

It is my understanding that when election fraud is proven, the courts award the election to the true winner retroactively.  Even if this doesn't happen, every state will close down the multiple options for voter fraud, and Americans will have their electoral voices back. 

For Democrats, the Chinese, and the globalists, the only hope now is to change the subject and focus the fickle American mind on something that will hold its attention until after November 8.

Joe Biden is a corrupt, incompetent, pitiful fool.  "Tell a big lie often enough, and people will believe it."  Face it: there have been so many lies told about Trump that many people still dislike him more than they dislike Biden and the Democrats. 

In order to overcome the cheating, Republicans need to have so many votes for conservative candidates that the manufactured votes would be more than the total number of eligible voters in counties across the country, not just in a few Democrat-controlled swing states.  It must be a landslide in November.  We need the votes of all conservatives, most independents, and some Democrats.  We need African-Americans, Hispanics, and everyone else as well.  

Making the November election about Donald Trump and not Joe Biden's consistent history of fraud and dismal performance is their only remaining strategy.  Goading him into declaring himself a candidate before then would nationalize the election into a 2024 race between Trump and Biden, rather than hold Democrats accountable for the horrible mess they've taken us to in less than two years. 

I know it's hard for Trump to have been slapped in the face by the Department of Justice and have his home invaded and vandalized by booted storm troopers.  But just look at the news coverage on both liberal and conservative media.  It's all Mar-a-Lago, all the time.  No coverage on the upcoming primaries in the last ten states.  No discussion of Biden's failures in foreign policy that put the very safety of the United States and the rest of the world in great peril.  No mention of the horrible legislation just passed to militarize the IRS.  Nothing about inflation, underemployment, or Biden family corruption. 

A con artist knows how to redirect his mark's attention to hide the scam, and the Democrats, Chinese and globalists are nothing more than well funded con men.  

If I had just a minute with President Trump, I'd strongly advise him to not take the bait and fight back against this injustice done to him and his family.  I'd suggest he hold a press conference and clearly state that he did everything he could to cooperate with the authorities and will continue to do so until this incident is resolved.  He should sit back and let his legal team do its job and hire very boring lawyers who are good at saying "no comment."  He should announce that he will make no decision about running in 2024 until the midterms are done and will focus all his energy to raise money and support for true conservative 2022 candidates in the primaries and general election. 

There should be zero national appearances — just visiting states and telling local media one single line about moving forward with the Mar-a-Lago incident, three lines about how wonderful the local candidate is, and five lines with details about her horrible and corrupt opponent.  He could finish with "if you don't like the direction this country is headed in, your only option is to vote conservative in November and bring ten of your friends and neighbors to the polls with you." 

The media are biased, but they have to show "good TV."  That means that any shiny detail he brings up about Mar-a-Lago gets front-page news and crowds out everything else, while Trump repeating the same mantra — "I'm not deciding to run until after November and will let my legal team defend me" — is boring.  Elevating an exciting local conservative candidate for House or Senate with a Trump spotlight and sharing a new revelation about their opponent will get coverage in each state while starving the media for national news. 

President Trump has played the media like a fiddle.  He needs to hold back his anger and pride and do the work to get conservatives elected in November, and the entire Democrat house of cards could topple in months.  Slow and steady will win this race.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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