Pay attention to what's happening to Dutch livestock farmers

The beauty of climate change, if you're a wannabe totalitarian, is that, because carbon is one of the building blocks of life, if you control carbon, you control everything.  To understand how this works, you must pay attention to what is happening in the Netherlands, where the government is planning to seize 20% of livestock farms, all in the name of climate change.

Holland was once a bastion of liberty on a continent that was subject to total monarchal control and riven by religious wars.  It wasn't freedom as we have come to understand it in America, but, after they threw off Spanish control, the Dutch allowed faiths other than Calvinism within their borders.  There was a reason the Puritans Pilgrims fled there first, although they eventually wanted the complete freedom the New World offered them for practicing their particular Protestantism.  That sturdy, self-sufficient, independent, sort-of-free little nation is gone.

Now, livestock farmers are up in arms because they've finally realized that their government is about to seize their land, all in pursuit of "nitrogen reduction."  We've heard about the protests, but Peter of Sweden is the first person I've seen who breaks down the numbers and explains what's really happening (and it's about power more than "climate change"):

According to calculations done by the Finance ministry, a whopping 11 200 livestock farmers will be forced to shut down by the government to reduce nitrogen emissions in order to meet European environmental rules. Another 17 600 farmers would need to reduce the amount of animals they keep to meet these climate goals.

And this is bad. Because there are about 54 000 farms in the Netherlands, meaning that around 1/5 of all farms will be forced to shut down and almost 1/3 of farms forced to scale down and reduce livestock.

Image: Cows by jcomp.

Quite obviously, the government's move will severely constrict food supplies, which are already likely to diminish due to fertilizer shortages resulting from the Ukraine war.  I'm assuming that those who complain will be told that they need to learn to eat grasshoppers.  The irony is that grasshoppers need to eat, too — and what they eat is the greenery best fed by CO2 and fertilizer.

In addition to setting out the specific numbers, which are appalling, Peter of Sweden applies the correct label to what we're witnessing in Holland (which is also what Canada and Ireland plan to do):

The state is planning on forcing farmers to sell their farms to the state (buying them out). State sanctioned appropriation of farms and land. Now where have I heard about that kind of thing before...? Oh yes, under Communism. 

If you control carbon emissions (who can produce them and who cannot), you control everything.

And don't believe that this can't happen here in America.  Everything that's occurred in the last not-quite two years falls into the category of "I would never have believed it could happen here."  As just one example, would any past government have been insane enough to print more money and raise taxes on the middle class in the middle of a recession?

The current administration is completely in thrall to the same communist green forces that hold sway in Holland (and Canada and Ireland).  They will push through similar mandates by hook or by crook.

I know that many people are so disgusted by what's happening that they don't even want to vote anymore.  Why bother? they ask.  The fix is already in.

Well, yes, there's a lot of fixing going on.  But we are still the voice of the people, and our first stop must be at the ballot box.  If we can summon the political will to make every politician in D.C. believe that his seat is unsafe, maybe those people will turn their attention to us, rather than to Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. 

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