It’s more than just your emails, Hillary

In the wake of the FBI road on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, Hillary Clinton attempted to capitalize on the event by promoting baseball caps and T-shirts with the phrase “But her emails.”  It must be nice to have a friendly Director of the FBI exonerate a former Secretary of State for egregious violations of national security regulations much less get a fawning press to celebrate her apples-oranges comparison.

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But it’s not the same thing and she knows it.  Rather, Clinton has displayed a pattern of flaunting security protocols (as I noted in AT back in 2016).  When visiting Moscow for her famed Russian reset, a staffer (it’s always a staffer) left a classified document in a Moscow hotel room.

Russian TV reports that the FBI discovered another security violation when US Diplomatic Security (DS) found a classified document from then Sec State Clinton’s briefing book left behind in a Russian hotel room.  Monica Hanley, one of Hillary’s former aides, was given a diplomatic pouch with the Sec State’s briefing book and took the pouch to the suite of the Russian hotel she was sharing with Clinton.  Following their departure, the DS conducted a routine security sweep and found the classified document.

Fortunately for the staffer, she only received a “verbal security counseling.”  As many people know, anyone else in the military or the government mishandling classified material in such a manner would have faced severe consequences for their actions.


This also brings up two key questions: 1) Why was a sitting Secretary of State staying in a Russian hotel instead of the US embassy?  And, if absolutely necessary to stay in a hotel off-compound, any classified material should have been brought to the embassy for safekeeping overnight.  How about an accounting of what was in the document?  Nuclear weapons secrets maybe?

Hillary has no room to make light of Trump’s situation with silly slogans on baseball caps and T-shirts.

John Smith is the pen name of a former US intelligence officer.

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