Hillary staffer left classified document in Russian hotel room

When Hillary chastises Trump for supposedly being allied with Putin or claims that the Russians hacked the DNC email, she should really reflect on her own staff’s actions in aiding and abetting Putin’s intelligence gathering.

Russian TV reports that the FBI discovered another security violation when US Diplomatic Security (DS) found a classified document from then Sec State Clinton’s briefing book left behind in a Russian hotel room.  Monica Hanley, one of Hillary’s former aides, was given a diplomatic pouch with the Sec State’s briefing book and took the pouch to the suite of the Russian hotel she was sharing with Clinton.  Following their departure, the DS conducted a routine security sweep and found the classified document.

Not only that, Clinton and her aide violated security protocols by not taking the briefing book to store it in a secure facility when not in her physical possession.  According to the FBI,

DS found a classified document from the briefing book in a suite during a sweep following CLINTON and HANLEY’s departure, and HANLEY was later informed by DS the briefing book and the document should have never been in the suite.

And the result for Hanley’s violation?  A “verbal security counseling.”  As many have said at AT, anyone else in the military or government mishandling classified material in such a manner would have faced severe consequences for their actions.  But maybe this is all just part of the Russian reset.

John Smith is the pen name of a former US intelligence officer.

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