How to break up the FBI

I suspect that August 8, 2022 will live in infamy.  Historians may conclude that it is the day that the United States became a banana republic.  It is the day that a politically weaponized FBI raided the Florida home of former president Donald Trump in an effort to knock him out of the 2024 presidential election.  Prior to the raid, opinion polls rated him as the favored Republican candidate.

No other president in the history of the United States has had his residence served with a federal court search warrant after leaving office.  News reports indicate that approximately 30 agents descended on Mar-a-Lago and that the raid lasted for nine hours.

I personally believe that President Trump has already been indicted by a corrupt D.C. grand jury and that the Democrats are planning a show trial against him in Washington, D.C.  I also expect, regardless of the evidence, President Trump to be convicted if brought to trial.  No prominent Republican can be acquitted of criminal charges in Washington, D.C. because of the anti-Republican bias of the trial court judiciary and the jury pool, where only 5% of the registered voters are Republicans.  If you think Steve Bannon got a raw deal, wait until you see what happens to President Trump.

The FBI tormented President Trump during his presidency and has continued to do so after his leaving office.  It has become a political weapon of the Democrat party and has forfeited its right to exist.

The FBI is beyond redemption.  It needs to be dismembered and its remains scattered to the four winds.  This article will offer suggestions of how to do so.

The FBI is our federal police force and is a huge organization.  For fiscal year 2021, it had an enormous budget of just shy of 10.5 billion dollars.  It has approximately 36,000 employees.  Just for starters, inside the United States, it has 56 field offices and about 350 resident agencies.  It also has a presence in 73 foreign countries.  Here is its organizational chart.

The FBI has often been linked to illegal or questionable behavior.  Scores of books and hundreds of articles have been written about FBI misfeasance and malfeasance.  Here is just one list of infractions.

Congress has never demonstrated that it really has the stones to control the FBI.  There is no reason to believe that this cowardice will change in the future.  Congress does require periodic show appearances of FBI directors before congressional committees, where the congressmen say "tsk, tsk" but not much changes.

Congress has exacerbated the problem of FBI overreaching by giving it greatly expanded surveillance powers after 9/11.  As pointed out in an in- depth study by the ACLU, many individual constitutional safeguards restraining FBI conduct were swept away primarily by FISA amendments and passage of the USA PATRIOT Act.  The study gives many examples of egregious misconduct by the FBI.

So how can we get rid of the FBI? Here are some suggestions.

1. The best way to reduce the damage done by the FBI is to reduce its power.  The best way to reduce its power is to break up the agency and move what's left away from Washington.

2. Split off the domestic intelligence service from law enforcement.  In Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, domestic intelligence is a separate agency from law enforcement.  Having both in the same agency gives too much power to the FBI.

3. Send all traditional law enforcement employees to the U.S. Marshal's Service, as it was before the FBI was created.

4. Send all the remaining employees to new agencies.

5. Make all the former FBI employees at will employees permitting them to be fired with or without cause.  The FBI has demonstrated again and again that it will not punish its employees' misconduct if those employees are politically connected Democrats.  Making employment at-would greatly facilitate getting rid of bad apples.

6. Close the FBI headquarters in D.C.

7. Increase whistleblower protection for all intelligence agency employees.  Statistically, most corruption inside large organizations is disclosed by insiders.  The protections provided by the federal Whistleblower Protection Act do not apply to federal government intelligence employees.  The law needs to be amended so that intelligence agency misfeasance and malfeasance can be reported without reprisals.

In conclusion, we need to slay the FBI dragon before it slays our constitutional republic.  I hope and pray that our elected leaders in Washington are up to the task.

Image via Flickr, public domain.

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