God is in control, but we must act

My friends have been telling me to stop worrying, that God is in control.  I know that, but I cannot help but worry and wonder what to do if Democrats win in 2024.  Or even this November, despite signs that things are turning around.

Democrats love taxes and have said that if they win, taxes on businesses and individuals will skyrocket.  They promised it, and they are delivering.  Deluded, vindictive people in Congress voted to deliberately raise your taxes while saying they are not doing so.

Democrats want your gas-powered cars.  They deliberately inflated gas prices by cutting supplies, putting into action their "forcing behaviors" agenda: they want you in electric cars and will wait you out until you submit.

They will destroy private health care and dump all of us (except themselves) into government-run health care.  Do they ever reflect that the government has never done anything well?

The border is a sieve as Democrats try to inflate Democrat voters by sucking in illegals.  That is backfiring because many illegals are Christians.  Boom.

They will confiscate firearms the first chance they get, despite protestations to the contrary. 

Socialists don't believe in private property.  They want yours because the government should own it all.

Leftists will insert enclaves of the homeless, the drug-addled, and the violent into every suburb where people have moved to get away from blue cities.

At some point, they will forbid churches and synagogues to proselytize, but never mosques.

They will obliterate the notion of hiring the best qualified for the job and instead will demand that only minorities be hired.  That hatred of merit-based hiring is well on its way to being fulfilled.

Some Christians believe we should "Let go and let God."  I find that crushingly cringe-worthy.  It says, "You don't have to do anything."  Committed Christians know that sloth and inaction are deadly; we are called to work against evil, and to do whatever we can, however insignificant, to fight the dark forces that stalk this nation.  I must do likewise or someday I will have to explain why I didn't.

God is certainly in control, but he has tasked us to fight for what is right, as Jesus did.  But some people honestly believe that nothing will affect them because "God is in control."  God was in control during the Holocaust, too.

God gave us a mind.  He gave each of us a mission, however limited, because we are in a battle for America's soul: as America goes, so goes the world.

The enemy is smart, cunning, and strong.  Prayer is not enough.  When Jesus went to the Cross, he prayed at Gethsemane.  But then He acted, doing His Father's will.  Action is necessary.  Something.  Anything.  Write or call representatives, be a poll-watcher, talk to those who are not like-minded, if you can get them to listen.  Never, ever say you refuse to vote because you're unhappy with the imperfections in our candidates.  Those imperfections plague you as well.  Every person who sits out an election out of sheer pique may as well cast a vote for the opposition.  Turning this ship around requires small degrees of turning, and each vote is one degree, whether we like the candidates or not.

I know that my smart, outstanding Christian friends mean well when they try to calm me down, but seriously, "Be anxious for nothing" (Philippians 4:6) is not a strategy.  Our faith is not invalidated by our anxiety.  God knows that we worry.  While He is telling us that He is controlling things, He never said to do nothing because of it.  (See Dietrich Bonhoeffer.)

You are one person, but in many cases in history, one person changed the world.

Image: Luca Cambiaso.

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