Enough leftist 'paradigm changes'...let's try one of our own

If Obama and Biden represent the two poles of the Democrat party, the evil and the profane, and if the Democrats are inexorably dedicated to the path of greater central control, which they are, then the rest of us have an obligation to resist their efforts at every turn. 

Further, our resistance must extend to our own Republican Party, or those in our party who support the progressive agenda of more central control and a more powerful Administrative State. 

If a politician suggests he can help the private economy, or an individual, with more government programs, more government spending, then that politician is part of the problem, regardless of his political party.  Any politician who wants more laws, more rules, more regulation, is part of the vast left-wing conspiracy, whether conscious of his leanings or not. 

Politicians should be made to realize that they are not elected to increase government control through more laws, taxes, regulation, or spending, but are elected to control government incursions.  This is a paradigm shift of the first order.  And it's not the first in our nation's history.

Our nation was founded as a constitutional republic.  Its sole objective was to preserve the inalienable rights of the individual.  It did so by creating a set of laws, the Constitution, that restricted the necessary evil of government.  Government today is a euphemism for men seeking power — both Democrat and Republican.

In our founding, the true nature of our government was to be only a framework that protects our individual freedom in two areas: through infrastructure and from foreign aggression.  It was never meant for, nor can it fulfill, the role of den mother and protector for the foolish.  These supposed government-based solutions are empty promises brought by men seeking power. 

Government is incapable of solving your problems.  Only you can do that.  Government can protect the nation from foreign aggression — that is its role — but it can't protect anyone from making a foolish mistake, nor should it.

This is the paradigm shift, the massive upheaval of which we are terrified. 

Any change induces fear, and a shift of this magnitude induces terror.  Rest assured that it has been done before, and our nation not only survived, but prospered. 

Should we continue down the left's path of more central control, our nation will be condemned to inevitable mediocrity.  Should the individuals of our nation freely choose to enact the change, our nation will be safe for generations.  We plant the seeds today, knowing that we will never see the tree, so our grandchildren can, one day, prosper in the embrace of freedom.

The paradigm change is away from central control to individual choice.  No longer shall we have control by the government rather control of the government.  That requires a new set of politicians who comprehend the profound meaning of our nation's founding and its true constitutional law.

Image via Pixabay.

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