Do you really think our DC overlords will change?

"I'll change, baby!"  Those are the famous last words of every spousal abuser in the history of failed relationships.  If you ever hear them, run!  He (or she) won't change; they never do.  People and systems change when there is no other option.  They change not only when complicit parties take ownership of their actions, but when their actions have consequences.

The last few weeks saw a continuation of the past six years of governmental abuse.  An entrenched permanent regime in Washington, D.C. sent their goons to south Florida to invade the home of their mortal enemy, who also happens to be the former president of the United States.  Their stated reason is based on some flimsy nonsense about classified documents, which really shows the hand of the permanent regime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice are creations of the Executive Branch.  They are subservient to the Executive and derive their authority from the Executive.  It is the Executive that determines what is and what is not classified material.  It really goes to show who these people think they are: government arbiters.

How is it that the regime is brazen enough to pull these shenanigans?  The answer is that nobody has ever been held to account, and as a result, the regime will continue to protect itself and further itself with impunity.

When Hillary Clinton destroyed subpoenaed emails and the FBI unilaterally determined that there was no reason to prosecute based on intent, did she get her door kicked in?

When the Clinton campaign, in conjunction with the FBI and the State Department, fabricated evidence and presented it to the courts as verifiable proof of a Russian-compromised Executive, was anyone held to account?

When the Democrats' first and second Trump impeachment committees openly doctored video and photographic evidence to sell their impeachment schemes to the public, did the press call them on it?

When it became public knowledge that the very man who was the face of global pandemic management was also the likely sponsor of the frankenvirus that brought the world to halt, was his role ever called into question?

When more than eleven hundred affidavits, video evidence, photographic evidence, data abnormalities, and procedural violations regarding the validity of our electoral system were presented to the courts in 2020, was there ever a good-faith review of the evidence?

When the FBI concocted a phony kidnapping of the governor of Michigan and stuffed more than a dozen federal agents around a few indigent and mentally deficient patsies, did the "mostly good agents" crowd defend their actions?

When Democrats broke the House rules on committees and stuffed a bunch of partisan Democrats into their January 6 show trial, denying the accused a defense, did anyone speak for them?

We're promised that as soon as the limp noodles in the Republican Party finally take back power, the investigations will come fast and heavy.  When did the legislative body become an investigative body primarily?  Is nobody, not even the Democrats, tired of the unending kabuki theater?

If Republicans take back the seat of government, what will happen is that a uniparty bigwig like Lindsey Graham or Kevin McCarthy will send out a bunch of stern tweets and do the television circuit on Hannity.  Then, two years later, they will sing the praises of the rank-and-file door-kickers in the Department of Justice and lament the same bad apples that continue to spoil everything they come in contact with.  The guilty will get a cushy gig on MSNBC or CNN as intelligence analysts, peddling their twisted ideas of protecting democracy until the public has once again forgotten their indiscretions.

Like children testing the limits of their parents' discipline, actors in government will not listen until there are understood consequences.  That requires the public to demand accountability.  It starts with not voting for the same milquetoast politicians for some antiquated strategy of electability.  If you want bold and responsive leadership, you must vote for bold and responsive politicians.

Accountability also demands that bad actors get perp-walked into the public square, and our corrupted bureaucracy will need a ground-up cleansing.  As they like to exclaim, nobody is above the law.

Brian Parsons is a paleoconservative columnist in Idaho, a proud husband and father, and saved by Grace.  You can follow him at or find his columns at the American Thinker, in the Idaho State Journal, or in other regional publications.  Email | Gab

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