Dimwitted Democrats finally approaching science with reason — but just barely

Leana Wen is no stranger to denying established fact — after all, she used to be the president of Planned Parenthood.  A National Review article from this year covered one of Wen's more extreme moments of truth-bending, where she claimed that thousands of women died from criminal abortion before the procedure's legalization in 1973:

This assertion was so egregious that even The Washington Post was compelled to factcheck it, awarding Wen four Pinocchios and placing her on the Post's list of the top 13 falsehoods for 2019.

During the era of COVID despotism, Wen — who somehow has a degree in medicine — fashioned herself into a prominent medical imperialist.  Her only consistency as a leading "medical expert" was, ironically, her inconsistency — Wen earned a reputation of conforming her professional opinion to fit the mold of the political narrative.  Journalist Alexandra DeSanctis described it best: "[Wen] adapted her medical guidance in response to the ever-evolving 'science' when in reality she's drifting wherever political winds happen to blow."

Given the charged and callous rhetoric and scandalous policies that defined the "pandemic" — forced quarantines, bankrupting of small businesses, and job terminations over medical autonomy — it's no surprise that Wen followed suit and suggested that the unvaccinated be restricted in their movements until they capitulate to the medical tyranny.

In a segment with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Wen iterated her stance, and said, "You have the option to not get vaccinated if you want, but then you can't go out in public."

Well, what a difference a year makes, and predictably, Wen is changing her professional opinion, yet again.

Last week, The Washington Post published an opinion piece by Wen titled "I'm a doctor. Here's why my kids won't wear masks this school year."  The crux?  After almost three years into a post-COVID world, Wen finally figured out that common cold-type viruses are here to stay, and in her own words:

With the new, indefinite time frame, the benefit-risk calculus of mitigation measures shifted dramatically. I was willing to limit my children's activities for a year or two but not for their entire childhood.

Look, I'm no doctor, but I could have told Wen that from the beginning, given the fact that flu and cold viruses have been around for nearly all of human history and remain year, after year, after year.

Now, people like Wen don't get too much credit, because after all, it did take her almost three years to figure out that worthless measures (like masks) weren't sustainable.

Between "flip-flop Fauci" and "walk-back Wen," it's clear that the notion that the left is the intellectual crowd is pure comedy.

Image: Cropped screen shot from PBS video via shareable YouTube.

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