Brittney Griner case: Kamala Harris needed to sit that one out

With a tin ear for politics, Kamala Harris jumped to weigh in on the sorry case of Brittney Griner, the woke American basketball star who was handed a nine-year stretch in a Russian penal camp for possessing a vial of pot oil in Vlad Putin's Russia.

The aim was to sidle up to the black and wokester communities, given that American flag–disrespecting Griner is a part of those.  She hasn't been particularly interested in the plights of other American unjustly imprisoned abroad, but Harris has political uses for her.

Just one problem:

Harris forgot who she was: the crummy former prosecutor who used to target low-level pot offenders for comparable offenses, with charges leading to draconian sentences, back when she was a district attorney and then attorney general in California.

Remember this?

Democrat party candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard laid it all out as the baleful Woman in White during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary debates.  Harris

  • threw 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations, while giggling and laughing on Charlamagne Tha God's radio show that she partook in the weed quite a bit herself.
  • blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until courts forced her to do it.
  • kept people in prison beyond their terms in order to use their cheap labor to fight California wildfires.

Gabbard sank Harris's prospects for the Democratic nomination after she laid that out and Harris squirmed.  Shortly afterward, Harris dropped out of the race without winning a single delegate.  She went down like this:

Screen shots from CNN video via YouTube.

So, much to no one's surprise, she was dragged, big, on social media. and not from fringe right-wingers, but generally from the left.  After all, if it's OK for Kamala to sentence low-level drug offenders to long stretches in the can, why is it somehow "bad" if Vladimir Putin's courts do it?

The hypocrisy was amazing.

According to the New York Post, it was a flame-fest for Harris, because lefties remember these things, which is the reason why many don't like her:

"Brittney Griner got 9 years for drug possession in Russia… which sounds like most of the criminal sentences Kamala Harris got people for the same thing when she was attorney general of California," author Tim Young tweeted.

Another commenter wrote: "LMAO, didn't U lock up a s—load of people for weed? Then bragged about it, and went on to say you smoked weed in college listening to Tupac and snoop before they cut their first albums?"

A third fumed in the same vein: "You locked up people for possession of marijuana. And you're only condemning this because the US cannot profit from her incarceration in Russia."

That's some curation, and there have been many, many, more.

What it shows is that Harris, who ought to be in the catbird seat with Joe Biden now continuously sick with COVID, and presidential succession talk getting louder, has so little self-awareness that it never occurred to her that people would remember her problematic climb to the top and blast her for it.  She thought everyone would praise her for being with it with wokesters and showing those phony presidential chops by "standing up to" Putin.

All she did was sink her own presidential prospects yet again — and probably gave Putin himself a good horse laugh.  As someone who never does anything about the border or anything else as America's laziest vice president, she needed to sit that one out — and having no political sense, she didn't.

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