Archie used to call him 'the meathead' for a reason

Years ago, All in the Family was the talk of town.  The characters were great, and in particular a fellow named "Michael 'Meathead' Stivic," played by Rob Reiner.  He was Archie's son-in-law and the liberal in the house.  Funny stuff.  I guess that was liberalism before it went woke.

Honestly, I lost track of Rob Reiner over time.  To be fair, Reiner went on to become a successful Hollywood director, but I'm not the type who follows much of what happens in Hollywood.  He also got active in politics and turned into a left-wing activist.

A couple of days ago, Mr. Reiner was on Bill Maher's show, and it was a masterful meathead performance.  Bill Maher is clearly not a conservative, so maybe Reiner assumed there would be no accountability?  Either way, this is the story:

Director, actor, and longtime Democrat activist Rob Reiner was incredulous at the notion that the media censored coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal in the run-up to the 2020 election — a fact which is no longer in dispute.

Reiner's comments came during a discussion Friday on HBO's 'Real Time' when host Bill Maher mentioned the recent controversy surround [sic] author Sam Harris' claims on a podcast that the media and big tech were justified in censoring the story of Hunter Biden's 'laptop from hell' during the 2020 election in order to stop Donald Trump's re-election.

'Look, let's not pussyfoot around this,' Maher continued. '[Hunter Biden] was selling the influence of his father Joe Biden. I mean, most political sons do. Let's not pretend that that at least was not going on. I mean, some guy from China gave him — after a dinner — an $80,000 diamond after dinner.'

'So, Hunter Biden's laptop was buried by the press,' Maher added. 'Even the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, said that was a mistake. They buried the story because they remembered what happened with James Comey and the letter 11 days before the 2016 election. Comey said we gotta reopen this email investigation with Hillary Clinton. And it probably was — well, she ran a horrible campaign, didn't go to Wisconsin, we know all of that — but this was probably the last thing that sunk her.'

Of course, Reiner could not handle the unflattering truth: left-wing media colluded with weaponized federal agencies to censor damning evidence.  So he went off on some rant about Trump sending "armed insurrectionists" into the Capitol on January 6.  Maher turned into Archie Bunker and accused "the meathead" of only watching leftist outlet MSNBC.

It was instructive and comical to reconnect with "the meathead" after all this time.  Archie Bunker warned us about people like this, and he was right: once a meathead, always a meathead!

Image: Screen shot from shareable video posted by Bud Munson on YouTube.

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