America First conservatism labeled a 'violent' ideology of nihilism

Edward Luce, a corporate journalist and chief commentator for U.S. political affairs at the Financial Times, is a British leftist, which likely explains his sweeping obtuseness regarding the field in which he purports to be an expert.  In a tweet on August 12, Luce said:

Luce fancies himself a seasoned correspondent, faithful to the integrity of the press, and details his expertise in factions of "extremism" and "violent ideologies" — but concludes that Republicans are the most objectionable type of terrorist?  I don't recall Republicans participating in beheadings like the Islamist faithfuls of ISIS, or kidnapping and raping young schoolgirls like the guerrillas of Boko Haram, or dissecting living human beings like the Mexican cartels.

Clearly, Luce is nothing more than a mindless, obedient character in the Democrat media machine, but his confused tweet inadvertently shined a light on a below-the-radar Deep State operative: General Michael Hayden.

Just by looking at Hayden's résumé, one could gather he's not an ally to the American people — he's a CNN commentator, was the director of the CIA under Bush and Obama, and led the highly illegal warrantless surveillance program at the NSA — but now he's retweeted Luce's nonsense, adding "I agree.  And I was the CIA director."

Hayden remains an influential figure in the sphere of politics, and his declaration that "Republicans" adhere to an "extreme" and "violent" ideology is beyond unethical, and full of hypocrisy: the CIA is the agency behind MK-Ultra and countless violent coups around the world, while operatives of the Company allegedly aided in the sadistic torture of an undercover DEA agent.

But he and Luce aren't referring to the Liz Cheney or Mike Pence "Republicans."  Rather, they're referring to the America First conservative Republicans — the ones who boldly, and vocally, oppose political persecution at the hands of a weaponized FBI, refuse to bend the knee to Big Pharma and its experimental gene therapy, and question government and Establishment media narratives.

Hayden is simply a tentacle of the malignant cancer present in the federal government, just a cog in the tyrannical machine working against the American people.  The creation of the federal government was to serve one, very limited purpose: to secure the unalienable rights of the citizenry.  The federal government and all of its bureaucrats have long since abandoned their role as a securer of rights — evident by the very fact that bureaucracy is even a major part of the federal government — and it's time to dismantle every violative agency destroying the Republic, starting with the CIA.

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