A moral call to arms about the transgender revolution

People who do not follow conservative news are unaware that our entire medical system has joined teachers in embracing the fantasy of transgenderism, and this is true whether the people involved are true believers, power junkies, or enthralled by the possibility of the millions of dollars tied to drugging and surgically mutilating children. Whatever the motives, it’s time for ordinary people to push back very hard.

I have Libs of Tik Tok on my daily reading list. I go there regularly because it helps me remember why, sometimes at great personal cost, I don’t retire to knitting and travel but, instead, spend most of my waking hours thinking about politics and trying to persuade people to see politics as I do. The importance of Libs of Tik Tok is that she travels through the internet looking at what leftists are proud enough to boast about—and then exposes those boasts to a larger audience than the leftists intended.

A significant portion of the leftists whom Libs of Tik Tok exposes are members of the LGBTQ+++ community or their “allies.” Over the past few years, these people have been increasingly vocal about the goal of “transing” kids. Teachers boast about bringing pronouns to kindergarteners and making sure that their students know that the teachers, with their transgender grooming, are the students’ “real” parents. Crazed parents boast about raising gender-neutral children or realizing that, when their two-year-old son said, “I like pink,” he was desperately saying that he’s really a girl.

Image: A Texas teacher boasts about her pride flag. Twitter screen grab.

Lately, the “transing” that Libs of Tik Tok exposes is about indoctrinating children to embrace toxic chemicals and mutilating surgeries so that they can be their “true” gender. Eli Erlick openly boasts about sending other people’s hormone prescriptions to young people across America. This is illegal in uncountable ways, and Libs of Tik Tok and other anti-trans activists have been trying to get law enforcement to step in. So far, their efforts have been unsuccessful.

Also, lately, hospitals have been boasting about how they give drugs and surgery to young people. When Libs of Tik Tok exposed their videos, the hospitals promptly made the videos private and then lied about them.

Naturally, transactivists and their allies are crying “homophobia” and “hate crime.” Is this true? Are those of us opposed to the transgender agenda haters?

Well, I don’t think so, and neither does Rod Dreher, who has written a detailed article (with links for all the things I mentioned above) in which he contends that it’s time for the good people of America to have a “moral panic” about what’s going on.

Dreher opens by acknowledging that the phrase “moral panic” is a pejorative, referring to overreactions. Examples are witch hunts and the Satanic abuse craze of the 1990s. But sometimes, says Dreher, we should be morally outraged to the point of panic about a societal trend:

The other day, I saw on Twitter someone saying that they are a good liberal and all that, but they are really worried about what they're seeing regarding the emerging culture of the medical and teaching professions encouraging children to transition to the opposite sex. "But," said this person, "I don't want to surrender to a moral panic."

I submit to you that a moral panic is precisely the correct response to this egregious phenomenon. That is, what is happening is so hideous, and so widespread, and the reaction by most people to this point has been so muted to non-existent, that if you are not panicking, you are not paying attention.

Having raised the issue, Dreher proceeds to make the case. As I noted above, he has examples of every type of societal push towards transgenderism. I would add that, regarding pediatric medicine, when last I looked I could find nothing in the literature saying transgenderism is real. What’s happening to our children is the equivalent of forcing diet pills and stomach stapling on anorexics. Except it’s even worse than that. To stick with the analogy, in this case, the same people forcing those deadly remedies on children are the ones convincing the children that they’re fat in the first place.

What’s happening in America when it comes to denying children the reality of their bodies is pure evil. Dreher points out, too, that it’s the classic totalitarian tactic of separating children from their parents: “We, the state, love you more than your parents ever will.” That’s evil too.

We can no longer be polite and tolerant. Just as they’ve pushed their delusional ideology on us, it’s time to counter with our moral realism. And a good start is to read Dreher’s article or watch this Matt Walsh video, which makes much the same point:

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