A man is competing in the Ladies Professional Golf Association

Two years ago, I moved into a house on a golf course, so I have been learning golf — although learning is probably too generous a word.  I am profoundly, terribly, remarkably awful, actually.  When I get out on a golf course, I eschew the women's tee, which is closer to the hole than the men's tee, in favor of the children's tee, which is even closer.

Before I started golfing, I didn't realize that women got to start closer to the hole.  Now I understand why: men are stronger.  Much stronger.  And that's why it matters that a man named Hailey Davidson is competing in the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA).

Before going any farther with this, I have a major complaint about conservative outlets: they keep referring to people as "transgender."  There is no such thing.  It's like calling people "unicorns."  You can say that Jill Biden is a unicorn, but that doesn't make her one because there is no such thing.  When you use the word, you're accepting the delusional premise.

There are definitely transvestites, because that refers to a real phenomenon: men who sexually fetishize women's clothing by wearing it.  Some are gay men; some aren't — but they are real.

Image: Hailey Davidson.  YouTube screen grab.

However, there is no such thing as crossing over from one sex to another.  There is no medical literature supporting this.  There are no studies saying, aside from the minute number of people born genetically intersex, that a man can be a woman simply because he wants to be or vice versa.  What we call transgenderism is a form of mental illness called dysphoria, and it's identical to the person whose weight is normal but nevertheless insists she is obese.

But back to Davidson.  In 2010, the LGPA decided that it didn't really mean it when it said "ladies."  If you think you're a "lady," as far as the LGPA is concerned, you're in.  Davidson shows how that plays out in real time.  My guess is that Davidson is a fairly mediocre male golfer, the same way Will "Lia" Thomas is a mediocre male swimmer.  It's different, though, when these guys get to go up against women with their differently constructed shoulders, lighter bones, and smaller musculature:

Davidson finished the first round at 2-under, which puts the golfer in a strong position to win. Davidson is competing against 310 biological females. This tournament is to see which of the golfers will advance to December's Q-Series tournament, LPGA card.


Davidson competed with a golfer who had 10 career LPGA wins and won the 2010 U.S. Women's Open title, Paula Creamer. In 2010, LPGA dropped the "female at birth" requirement, which allows Davidson to compete in the women's league.

Davidson has won thousands of dollars thus far from these tournaments. In January, the reward was $2,250, and in March, per Outkick.com, it was $2,000. In total, Davidson has made $4,800 from the tournaments.

Davidson is not a woman.  He will never be a woman.  And for him to enter competitions against women is dishonest.

All these fake women want to eat their cake and have it: they want to live out their little gender fantasies, and, along the way, they want to destroy real women.

My theory is that these are men who hate women so profoundly and deeply that their goal is to erase them in every way possible.  If they were decent human beings, they'd simply be grateful that they live in a tolerant country in which they can pretend to be women and, when they do that, be left alone. 

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