A UC Berkeley housing co-op goes full Jim Crow, only it's banning Whites

Standing under the portico of the Alabama state Capitol, Democrat governor George Wallace famously promised, "Segregation today...segregation tomorrow...segregation forever."  For a brief, shining moment in the last decades of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st, Democrats managed to abandon their racial obsessions.  However, beginning with Barack Obama, accelerating under Donald Trump, and coming into full bloom under Joe Biden, Democrats have returned to their roots.  The latest florescence comes from Berkeley, California, where a housing cooperative for low-income students from the leftist victim classes has announced that no Whites may enter the house's common areas.

The College Fix has the story:

White guests are banned from the common spaces at the Person of Color House, an off-campus housing option for Berkeley students, according to a photo of the guest rules recently posted on Reddit.

Under a section labeled "Guests in Common Spaces," it states: "Guests are allowed in common spaces but please be mindful if there are house members in the room beforehand. White guests are not allowed in common spaces (see intro)."

The POC House intro states in part that many members moved in "to be able to avoid white violence and presence." When students do bring a guest, the rules direct them to announce it in the house guest chat and note "if they are white."

Images: POC House Guest Rules.

In addition to the raging racism, the rules have a general paranoid tone, including mandatory mask-wearing, a ban against leaving guests alone for any time in the common area lest it the panic residents, and a ban on "parents/family members that express bigotry."  The reason given is that "Queer, Black, and Indigenous members should not have to avoid common spaces because of homophobic or racist parents/family members."  Still, the common note is that Whites, especially heterosexual Whites, are dangerous merely because they exist.

The co-op, it should be noted, is not part of the University of California.  Instead, writes The College Fix,

[c]o-ops in the BSC [Berkeley Student Cooperative] are run by private landlords, not the university, Assistant Director of Media Relations for Berkeley Adam Ratliff told The College Fix. Therefore, he said, it is "not the role of the campus" to comment on what they do.

"As this involves an off-campus non-affiliated landlord, the campus has no ability under the Code of Student Conduct to discipline the landlord," Ratliff said.

Still, there's no doubt that the rules of this specific BSC house reflect the current ethos of the left as a whole, including the Democrat party.  The American left is racially obsessed, it despises White people, and it's spreading this toxin through America's schools and businesses:

Back when Jim Crow was the law of the South, my sister, aged 3, knew two things about her world: she'd only seen White people growing up and, when our parents returned from the camera store, they brought negatives home along with their photographs.  So, when my sister saw her first Black person, she knew what she was seeing: "Look, Daddy!  It's a negative."

Image: Photo and negative from the Auckland Museum, both CC BY 4.0.

I keep thinking of that family story because, in 2022, we are watching the "negative" version of Jim Crow.  Once, White Democrats in the South marginalized, demeaned, and isolated Blacks.  Now Democrats of all shades across America marginalize, demean, and isolate Whites.  We've regressed in the ugliest way possible, and this cannot end well. 

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