Tucker Carlson targets a serious, dangerous crisis in American science

Last week, University College London released a massive study showing that the antidepressants that the majority of adult Americans are guzzling like candy do not treat a chemical imbalance in the brain because depression isn't caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.  This is just the latest in a series of body blows American science has taken in the past few years — and Tucker Carlson lobs some nuclear missiles, in the form of facts, targeting the way in which the pharmaceutical industry and government money have corrupted science, placing Americans at tremendous risk.

Tucker had only 19 minutes, so one of the things he didn't address, but which should be examined up front, is the fact that, in 2015, a serious problem that had been bubbling through the science establishment finally broke into the open for ordinary citizens: the replication crisis.

In 2015, a Science article caused an upheaval in the psychological sciences. A group of researchers attempted to replicate a hundred published studies. They found that two thirds of these could not reproduce the so-called "statistically significant" effects found in the original studies, so the published studies had failed a basic check. Cancer studies have faced similar problems with non-replicable findings — a stark reminder that this replication crisis can have real-world consequences.

This crisis attacks science at its root: if an experiment cannot be replicated, it's failed the most basic definition of science — that is, coming up with a theory and creating a controlled experiment that proves this theory.  A theory that cannot be replicated has failed as surely as if it had failed in the first instance.

Image: Tucker Carlson.  Fox News screen grab.

Then the hits kept on coming.  In 2017, it was becoming clear that Purdue Pharma had knowingly lied beginning in the mid-1990s when it claimed that OxyContin, a powerful opioid, was non-addictive.  That sparked a massive opioid crisis that has killed hundreds of thousands, destroyed millions of lives, and opened the way for Mexican black tar heroin to flood once prosperous towns across the American Midwest and Southeast as an affordable alternative when people could no longer get their OxyContin prescriptions.

Because Tucker Carlson starts with OxyContin and then moves from there to antidepressants, Ritalin and Adderall for children, Alzheimer's drugs and, of course, the lies about the COVID vaccine, I'll let him take over in another of his must-see monologues:

I'll add just one point Tucker didn't make: there's an incredibly strong correlation between mass shooters and psychotropic drugs.  Food for thought there, too.

Oh, and one more point: If you want another example of corrupt science, don't forget the failed computer models, failed predictions, failed replication, and entirely successful floods of money that have entirely corrupted any credible studies in the climate science arena.

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