The spearpoint of the patriotic counteroffensive

"Why the perv push?" is a question I am hearing with increasing frequency these days.  "Why the progressive full-court press on grooming children in public to become sexual perverts?"  We need to understand that this question illuminates just one more instance of the superiority of progressive strategic thinking over our own.  Indeed, this perv push is a deliberate component of a broader strategy to destroy our republic and reduce us all to serfdom.

The key to understanding this lies in George Washington's well known quip characterizing the newly founded American state as an "experiment in ordered liberty."  Implicitly, rather than explicitly, but nonetheless accurately, that quip directs attention to the subtle relationship 'twixt political liberty and social order.

A state can well have order without liberty.  This is precisely where the progressives would take us.  The People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation are examples of states with order but not liberty.  But the other way round doesn't work.  It is not possible to have liberty without order.  That is the essence of Washington's quip.  Social order in a state is a necessary condition for political liberty.

How does a state acquire the social order supportive of political liberty?  Obviously, to maintain the liberty aspect, it cannot come from the top-down imposition of a police state.  So social order must come from the bottom-up contribution of individual citizens.  The social order that facilitates political liberty must lie in the habits and mindsets of individual citizens.

Image: One of the cultural kill shots progressives have aimed at ordered liberty.  Twitter screen grab.

So, then, where do individual citizens acquire these habits and mindsets?  Notwithstanding the silly fantasies of the "state of nature" philosophers, the simple fact is that each and every human being is born into that elemental polity known universally as "the family," and it is in the family that the child learns the habits of social order: respect for legitimate authority, work, duty, loyalty, and social cooperation.  And it is precisely for that reason that the progressives attack the family and use it as the modus operandi of their attack injecting chaos into the family by luring the children into sexual perversion.

This also is the very reason for the progressive attack on Christianity.  There is no more ardent supporter of the family than Christianity, which therefore draws fire from the progs.

Possessing a keen understanding of these connections among liberty, order, family, and Christianity is critical for those Patriot strategists planning a counteroffensive to throw back the progressive inroads.  These planners must focus on preserving the family and the very spear point of the counteroffensive must be to extract children from the public schools.

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