The sinister strategy of the progressives running the Democrat party

Biden, leftist progressive Democrats, and legacy and social media news have all promoted a psychotic and psychopathological hatred of Trump, Republicans, conservatives, Christians, capitalism, our Constitution, and anyone who opposes or questions their policies.

Election improprieties were ignored and are not covered, yet they oppose commonsense election integrity laws such as requiring an ID to vote, and they call for "common sense gun laws."

Our legacy news media spread Democrat talking points, propaganda, and lies.  For years they touted the Hillary-Clinton-paid-for, fake, and salacious Steele Dossier as true.  They have said "inflation will be transitory, high gas prices are not our fault, and our economy is much better under Biden."  They have claimed that "America does not have open borders" as we see thousands freely crossing.  They say "crime is down" while at the same time releasing violent criminals back into our neighborhoods.  They ignore and not report contrary FBI reports documenting the tremendous increase in violent crime in Democrat-run cities. 

Meanwhile, our schools are indoctrinating 1st- to 3rd-graders with hateful identity politics, promoting socialism as good and capitalism as bad, touting racist Critical Race Theory as anti-racist, preaching that Marxist "equity" theory needs to replace our foundation of "equality," touting transgenderism and pedophilia as normal, and encouraging "sex change" surgery and puberty-blockers on our children.   

They attack our constitutional rights and attempt to intimidate the Supreme Court to rule in their favor — not on the Constitution.  They imposed mass surveillance and government sponsored censorship of anyone opposing their medical or political policies; they support unequal justice under the law by weaponizing the Justice Department to attack those in opposition to their rule.  They threatened to brand parents as domestic terrorist for protesting at school board meetings, but ignored the widespread and violent rioting by Antifa, BLM, and pro-life protesters.  They claim that following the laws of our Constitution is racist, bigoted, and a threat to our democracy.

They used the COVID-19 pandemic to institute undemocratic policies such as courts (not legislatures, as the Constitution requires) changing election laws and imposing lockdown policies that allowed arbitrary and capricious closures of small businesses.  This led to the expansion of woke corporations that contribute to Democrat campaigns and Marxist organizations.  They forced us to wear ineffective and worthless masks and forced us to take a "fake" experimental vaccine.  They then wanted to impose vaccine passports. 

Since our problems are worsening, it is obvious Democrats have no intention of reversing them.  We can only conclude this is their exact intention.  An honest legacy news media would state this truth.

Democrats are using a Leninist strategy to overthrow a government and install socialism.  By creating as much chaos, strife, terror, and pain on a populace and blaming these problems on the existing government, people will then be more susceptible to believing the lie that socialism will restore order, peace, and stability — enabling them to seize power and control. 

As an ex–longtime registered Democrat, I no longer recognize or support Democrat leaders or many of the members of the Democrat party.

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