The real problem presented by the NeverTrump cabal

In a July 14 Wall Street Journal column, writer Daniel Henninger highlighted, "Responsibility for the public failure of this [Biden] government lies with the Democratic Party."  This assertion falls short of comprehensively informing the reader of our political reality.  Mr. Henninger, from his editorial perch at a media outlet replete with Trump-loathers, must know he is misinforming his readers by omitting the role of the NeverTrump turncoat crowd in the election of the corruptly incompetent Joe Biden as president.

Mr. Henninger is quite right to point out in his column that Joe Biden won the Democrat nomination for the presidency in 2020 because Democrats were concerned that leftists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren "couldn't win in the general election" against President Trump.  And so, as Mr. Henninger observes, "the Democrats fashioned a faux moderate candidacy out of Mr. Biden."

Mr. Henninger's omission of the role of Trump-hating "conservatives" is where he goes astray.  Let's acknowledge what they are: faux conservatives.  These individuals played a major part in the installation of Joe Biden in the Oval Office.  Had the likes of Big Establishment neocons like William Kristol, David Brooks, Bret Stephens, Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin — the list goes on ad nauseam — not placed personal pique above the national interest, it is entirely conceivable that Donald J. Trump would currently hold the office to which he is entitled.  But these NeverTrump malcontents would gag before acknowledging the truth.  President Trump's policies, both domestic and foreign, can be defined as "successful" and scrutinized as such.

The headline of Henninger's Journal column is "Joe Biden's Sinking Presidency."  This is not a title to suggest that Joe Biden's time in office has been a boon to the Republic, as a New York Times/Siena poll discovered that more than 70% of respondents believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction.  Clearly emerging is a consensus that the presidency of Mr. Biden has been a disaster.  Where, then, are polls wondering if Joseph R. Biden, Jr. is fit to be president?  Such polls appeared regularly during the tenure of Mr. Trump's successful presidency, polls generated by political reprobates avidly seeking the overthrow of the Trump presidency.

This is not to deny the role of the Democrats in putting the malleable Biden in the West Wing, but Mr. Henninger, by ignoring the crucial role of the NeverTrump miscreants, casts a blind eye to the political betrayals of those claiming to be on the right side.  In working to elect Joe Biden as president, the NeverTrump cabal of faux conservatives placed personal grievances above the national (and international) interest.  It is, quite simply, baseless to say that a utilitarian sense of common good is achieved with Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

A famous movie scene comes to mind: the cab setting in On the Waterfront, where Terry Malloy tells his mobbed-up brother Charlie, "It was you [who made a bum out of me]."  That accusation is quite synonymous with the current political environment — it was the NeverTrump jackals who helped the Democrat party foist upon the American people someone who was not fit to be president.  The truth, Mr. Henninger, is that in their rush to garner favorable publicity from a mendacious media, double-crossing Republicans posing as civil servants inserted personal interests ahead of national ones.

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