The infantilization of America is going full tilt now

The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage, by Linda Goudsmit, is superb writing and analysis.  In clear, simple words and concepts, she explains the complex sociological and political phenomena destroying the American family.  More to the point, she has an uncanny knack for distilling motivation down to its barest essence with an economy of wording I have rarely seen.  Her goal in writing the book is "to expose the multidimensional, coordinated attacks on the American family as strategic, operational, tactical, asymmetric warfare."

In just a few pages, Goudsmit is able to explain the globalist intentions of resetting America into a socialist nation.  She details how the American family's destruction is essential to the success of turning America into a socialist country.  Even more revealing, she clearly and concisely describes how it is the infantilization of Americans that is at the core of America's fall to socialism without firing a shot.

She elucidates:

The war on America is an ideological war — a battle between Americanism and socialism, between individualism and collectivism, between freedom and slavery. The war on America is a multipronged information war that must destroy the American family in order to succeed. The immediate political goal is to overthrow our constitutional republic and replace it with socialism, which is presented as the superior replacement ideology. This book exposes the humanitarian hoax of socialism, its fraudulent narrative of social justice and economic equality, and its purpose in the war on America. Socialism is the deceitful stepping-stone to a New World Order. Socialism is the beginning of the war on America.

If a socialized America is just the beginning, what follows?  In case the dangers are not clear enough, she drives home the notion that we will own nothing and be happy:

Private property, the hallmark of freedom in a constitutional republic, is being threatened with extinction. Ownership and upward mobility will be replaced with totalitarian control of the population and all its resources by world government managers empowered to distribute all goods and services. The process of reordering the world economy and its resources is called The Great Reset.

This is a clear and comprehensive dissertation on the goals of globalists and how the American family is at the very heart of America's survival or fall.  The writer describes exactly the methods by which America is being hijacked and will fall to socialism if the current state of the American family is not reversed. 

Here is the precise theme, and it is horrifying: the infantilization of Americans and the destruction of the American family are the two methods by which we will fall to socialism from within if we do not reverse course.  Infantilized people cannot fend for themselves, and that is the cynical, demonic truth our enemies are using against us as they further make the politically naïve dependent upon government for basic sustenance.

Everywhere we look, we can see such infantile behavior coming from supposed adults — in business, in entertainment, in government-subsidized education, and especially in social media.  Verbal attacks and video hysterics are the coin of the infantilized realm.  Women throw screeching temper tantrums the way four-year-olds do.  So's-your-old-man epithets are the new debates.  Comity, moderation, and rational discourse have given way to profanity, non sequiturs, and faulty reasoning.  When you point out hypocrisy, the hypocrite walks away, starts shouting, or ignores it.

This is infantile behavior. No one ever insisted that these people grow up, and in fact, it seems that everything that is being done in schools, in entertainment, in the military, in medicine, and in government is designed to prevent maturation.  We have governmental helicopter parents where they should not be.

Goudsmit describes the ways Americans have been infantilized since the '60s.  More importantly, she details all the groups at work today, ever since the Clinton and Obama years and now in the Biden term:

Life is hurtling toward the Great Reset with the support of globalism's World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the Vatican, the International Monetary Fund, the British royal family, and the governments of the United States, the European Union, China, and India. 

She dissects the reasons why the reaction to Trump has been hysterically histrionic and exaggerated — because his effective MAGA agenda stopped the globalists' destruction in their tracks.

Strengthening America and the American family made President Trump the existential enemy of globalism and its leftist foot soldiers here and abroad. The attacks of the president personally, professionally, and politically were unparalleled in the history of our nation. Yet Trump survived them all and continued to strengthen and unify the country with success after success.

This is why Trump had to be gotten rid of.  All globalist forces were marshaled against him and are still working to assure that Trump should never again get anywhere near the Oval Office.

Why attack Trump so unmercifully?  Because he was de-infantilizing America.  Trump is all about the American family and its prosperity.  He is still all about restoring the notion that if you teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish per day, he matures and is no longer dependent.  This return of government to the people is intolerable to socialists.  Trump was a roadblock.  He still is.  The January 6 hearings prove this.

And then came COVID, which, according to Goudsmit, is the very thing that has created yet another schism in the family, which is now divided into vaxxed and unvaxxed, and is being used by globalists to continue to destroy the family.  She writes:

It [COVID] is the sinister vehicle for deliberately regressing the world population into childish submission, compliance, and the descent into planetary governance.

In other words, infantilization.  It makes one wonder what else globalists have in store for America and if the globalists can actually afford America's Red Wave in November and in 2024.  How desperate will they get?

Once you see the infantilization gambit of the Marxist left, you cannot unsee it.  This is the clearest that the hair-raising socialist threat has been presented in so few pages.  I am amazed I have not read anything else from this gifted writer.

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